Top 7 Health Benefits Of Cannabis CBD

A recent post on the Harvard Health Blog (by Harvard School of Medicine summarized some of the aspects of available CBD resources. The author noted that CBD is much less controversial because, unlike THC, it has little, if any, intoxicating effect.

The post reports some of the many benefits of CBD, including relief from insomnia and anxiety, reduction in spasticity, pain management to treating epilepsy. Today we will review the top 7 health benefits that CBD resources can provide: 

Pain Relief

The most common use of medical cannabis in the US has been for pain control. CBD is an anti-inflammatory and has been beneficial to people who have suffered chronic pain, especially chronic pain related to aging (rheumatoid arthritis, for example). CBD has been used by thousands of patients and studies have demonstrated that it can be used acutely (over a brief period) or chronically with little to no adverse effects. It is not as effective for post-surgical pain or bone breakage but it is much safer than opiate based pain killers because you cannot overdose on it and it is far less addictive. For those people who cannot take Advil or Aleve (NSAIDs) due to ulcers or kidney problems or other condition, CBD can be an excellent alternative for pain management.

Muscle Relaxant

CBD is a very effective muscle relaxant. It has decreased tremors in Parkinson’s patients and can also be used to deal with cramps, such as nocturnal leg cramps, fatigue from overuse or exercise, and other conditions that can cause muscles to spasm.

Quitting Smoking or Drug Abuse

CBD may help people to quit smoking. A study published in Addictive Behaviours found that subjects who used a CBD inhaler smoked less and did not crave nicotine as a result. A similar study found that CBD may be very promising for those who abuse opioids who are trying to stop. These include easing the symptoms of withdrawal – anxiety, pain, insomnia and mood changes. Though these studies are still fairly early, they do suggest that withdrawal symptoms may be reduced or avoided to help an individual conquer an addiction.


CBD resources have been shown to have anti-anxiety properties. It has been demonstrated safe and effective in reducing anxiety and stress, reducing both physiological and behavioral symptoms of stress. It has reduced anxiety, for example, in patients who have social anxiety disorders who were asked to take on a stressful public speaking task. In another study that looked at post traumatic stress disorder, CBD improved that ability of subjects to forget traumatic memories rather than relive them. Studies suggest that CBD can be helpful for general anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, OCD, PTSD, and panic disorder, all of which have anxiety related aspects. CBD can help without the additional side effects which often lead to poor medication compliance in individuals.

Improved Appetite

CBD can improve the appetite in people who suffer from a loss of appetite for a variety of reasons. It may be chemotherapy or radiation, the need to take certain medications, mass wasting syndrome in HIV, eating disorders, anxiety related disorders and other medical conditions. Eating well is a part of a healthy lifestyle and poor eating causes a host of conditions, some of which are life-threatening. CBD can treat some of the underlying causes of poor or reduced appetite and can help an individual meet their daily nutritional needs. Specific conditions that have been treated successfully include cachexia, anorexia and early satiety.

Anti-Acne Medication

Acne is partly caused by inflammation and from overactive sebaceous glands in the body. CBD is a known anti-inflammatory and recent studies have shown that it also acts to lower sebum production which in turn causes acne.

Improved Sleep

Humans need sleep to function properly and not just some sleep, an adequate amount. Sleep deficiency can cause many symptoms and can increase a person’s risk of disease. One of the most significant dangers of inadequate sleep is that it increases the risk of being involved in an automobile accident. It can also lead to heart disease, heart failure, diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke. CBD has been proven in studies to effectively improve sleep and treat insomnia.

CBD has been demonstrated in a number of studies to be safe. It doesn’t matter whether it is used temporarily or over the long term, at low doses or at higher doses or whether it is given orally, included in a cream, or given in a patch, inhaled or some other way. A large number of studies involving people with a wide variety of conditions have reported little to no adverse effect. Those side effects that have been reported have been very minor.

These seven are only a few of the benefits that have been found for CBD. Other conditions that have benefits from CBD include epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, hypertension and heart disease. The cannabinoid holds great promise in dealing with very common, but life limiting conditions such as the one above along with far more serious conditions.