Letter from the Editor

As we roll into April CannaBiz Journal joyfully announces that it is starting its third year. We are happy to have you with us as our readers.

I am so excited! I have learned so much about the cannabis industry over the past two years. This last CANNACON marked my first visit to a cannabis trade show. I had a great time meeting new people and discussing the industry. 

I have to admit that I am a machine nerd. With the brand new trimmers at the show, my first thought was “shiny” and then I had to know how it worked. Right down to a discussion about the plasma cutter used to cut the specialized parts of the trimmer. 

I came away from CANNACON with a pile of contacts and story ideas. This pile is sorted and catolgued and I realize that I have a massive undertaking trying to figure out who's next. Anyway, that is a happy problem.

 Let me take a few minutes to inform you CannaBiz Journal has found its niche in the industry. In the past two years we’ve been studying the market and have discovered that there is a shortage of B2B magazines that cover Washington and Oregon’s cannabis industry. We are happy to step up and fill the gap. 

This means more articles about businesses located in the Pacific Northwest. It also means that I can unlock the the chains tying me to my desk and escape to more trade shows that are happening in my backyard. I'm hoping to meet more cannabis entrepreneurs and network more this year.

So as I crawl out of my coffee cup and finish polishing this issue I am full of plans for the rest of 2018. I would like to check with you and see what you would like to read about in my magazine. Shoot me an email at karen.carter@cannabizjournal.com and let me know your thoughts.  

Inside this issue you will see my inner nerd break through in the Venta: Perfect Humidification And Perfect Purification article where I learn more than normal about the workings of German designed airwashers. I now want one for my office and my home.

So here is our April issue. Please enjoy.

Karen Carter, Managing Editor