Dauntless presents GIANT: Creating A Cannabis Industry Ecosystem

Integrated. Interconnected. Global. These are the trigger words at Dauntless who have announced their launch of GIANT.

GIANT stands for Global Interoperable Application Network Technology platform. Dauntless identified a technology issue and stepped up to create the solution through a Universal application programming interface (API).

Making the cannabis industry better

Dauntless’ Director of Communications Darin Velin announces that GIANT is ready for customers to sign up.

Velin: We have parts of the marketplace open now. That’s the business-to-business marketplace. Our existing customers are signing up now and getting their profiles taken care of. The business-to-business marketplace of goods and services will allow retailers to find and easily place orders with manufacturers or growers. Likewise, growers can say “Hey I’ve got 50 pounds of distillate, who wants it?”

They will also be able to go to the services marketplace and find company offerings, design marketing, website creation, online menus, loyalty providers, delivery services, and distribution services.

The whole idea with GIANT is to create this ecosystem where everything has its place and works for the common good. The relationships there really makes everything better. So we want GIANT to be able to connect, interact and transact.


Removes the need for multiple API connections

Velin: A key component of GIANT is the idea of a Universal API.

Right now we (the cannabis businesses) are using an online menu. For example, if a retail customer wants to connect or integrate to a new online menu the online menu company has to develop code in an API. Then the retail company, in this case the retail software provider, also needs to write code. That has to happen with every different customer. So there is a lot of work to bring customers and companies together.

Right now you have to go through Corona to manage your inventory. They have to go into the Springbig database to manage their loyalty programs. They have to go into Leafly to update their menus, products, and pricing. So the idea is that once you are in GIANT everything connects to GIANT. You should be able to manage your business there. So it saves resources because you do not have to learn multiple interfaces.

Saves cannabis businesses time and cost

By being a Universal API, GIANT is the only platform that needs to be used to update online menus, inventory, and other necessary data. The data is entered into GIANT and then GIANT connects that data to the API users.

Velin: So GIANT is that pass through, but everybody in GIANT can connect to any other company or service in GIANT. This cuts down integration time that makes the retail customer happy. So a 6-week project might be a 3 to 4 business days project. It cuts down on the cost and time for the other companies because they do not need to develop new code each time.

It is really great to cut costs and time for everyone involved.

Simplifies cannabis business compliance

Velin: GIANT is actually global. We set this up as a global platform that’s what the G in GIANT is for. It will work across state traceability systems. All the data can come into GIANT and then back out to the states’ systems.

Easy to use

The interface is a graphical design with drop-down menus. Anyone with limited computer knowledge will be able to use GIANT. The learning curve is quick and is only expected to be a few days.

Velin: We are trying to have a simple user interface. Ideally, as we get this further filled out we would like to sell to different license types and have a single sign-on usage. The client can go in, manage their inventory levels, manage the lab results they are getting from a grower’s standpoint, and manage their online customer loyalty through one interface.

Technical support and help available

Velin: We are working on building up documentation like user and quick start guides as well as how tos and FAQs. We will be able to provide users with the help they need along with live support. We do have live staff that currently support our other products. They are getting trained and getting used to GIANT as well. we don’t have chat yet, but we have email and phone numbers to call. Our initial response is usually within an hour. We state that we will get back to you within 2 hours. We have a ticketing system where our customers will be able to submit a ticket for their issue. They will be able to go in and check the status, provide notes and updates about their issue. That will give them the opportunity to see exactly where their issue is and if it is being resolved. So it is our goal not to have automated bots that take days or weeks to get back in touch with you.

Low subscription cost

GIANT Subscriptions are currently running at $20 per month or $200 for the year.

Velin: We like to say a deal pays for a decade. If you are a grower and you sell 75 pounds to a manufacturer and you found the deal through GIANT then it was well worth it. You have covered your costs for quite a long time.

To sign up for GIANT go to www.bedauntless.com and click on the GIANT tab. Just follow the links to request a subscription.