Extractor King: Specializing In Closed Loop Extraction Systems

Interested in extraction equipment or having a piece custom-made? Check out Extractor King. This company manufactures and sells extraction systems and other pieces that assists with getting that perfect product. 

The founder of Extractor King spent 30 years as a journeyman union pipefitter and steel fabricator. He combined this experience with almost 20 years of cannabis industry knowledge to create extraction systems. Keeping the necessary requirements for extraction equipment in mind, the founder went beyond these standards to create systems that reflect high quality and safety.


“Our extraction equipment is superior to [that of] our competitors because of unique design innovations such as jacketed platters, CO2 chilled columns, thicker stainless steel for higher pressure safety rating, unmatched customer service and our ability to create custom designed products to meet a customer’s needs exactly,” said Extractor King. “All our production is done using ISO, 3A, and CE certifications. Other companies do not do this because of increased cost.”

Extractor King offers a full line of extraction equipment, which can process batches as small as 4 ounces to large batches of 200 pounds of material. They also offer ASME certification upon request. 

One of their most popular lines is their closed loop extraction systems and accessories. Their new line includes 1 lb, 2.5 lb, 5 lb, 10 lb, 20 lb, 50 lb, and 100 lb systems. This safer method keeps the solvent inside the system without exposing the product or user. Instead of being lost to evaporation, the solvent is recycled in the closed loop system. The results of the closed loop system is cleaner product. 

Other products that Extractor King offers are short path kits, roto vapes, chillers, vacuum ovens, and vacuum pumps. If you do not see what you need, Extractor King offers custom fabrication and design services. After discussing your needs, they will provide you with a free quote. All of their custom products are made from medical grade SS304 stainless steel. 

“The equipment is made from SS304 grade stainless steel for sanitary purposes and to meet compliance with health standards,” said Extractor King. “They are used to make products that will be used for human consumption so they must be sanitary in nature.” All custom fabrications are designed to pass ISO, CE and 3A certifications.

If you are looking for a turnkey extraction system, Extractor King offers those as well. These starter systems take the stress out of piecing together your own system. A variety of systems include a closed loop extractor, vacuum oven, recovery pump, 2-stage ignition proof pump, high pressure hoses, solvents, high pressure clamps, gaskets, and filter set. This will provide you with everything you need to start extracting your cannabis.

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Extractor King offers safety training and consulting. A specialist is willing to inspect your production location and give you recommendations. The training of your staff also includes safe and correct operational procedures for the extraction equipment.

After purchasing your extraction equipment, Extractor King offers repair and maintenance services through a full warranty and quality guarantee. This allows you to maintain your equipment with genuine parts. The manufacturing facilities and showrooms are located at 212 Terminal Avenue, The Dalles, Oregon, and 17955 56a Avenue, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

Orders can be picked up from either location. Extractor King also offers direct shipping to their customers using a wide variety of shipping methods. Financing services are also available when ordering. Check out Extractor King at www.extractorking.com or call 1-888-609-5464.