Everything You Need To Know About G Pen Elite Vaporizer

Everything You Need To Know About G Pen Elite Vaporizer

With their G Pen vaporizer line Grenco Science has ushered in a wonderful new development in portable vaporizers. And let’s face it when you’ve gotten the seal of approval from Snoop Dogg you must be doing good things. Today let’s have a closer look at the G Pen Elite vaporizer.

When it comes to discreet and portable vaporizers the folks over at Grenco Science definitely know a thing or two. This range of pens is sleekly designed with an eye towards simplicity. While it’s so easy to get caught up in the latest gadgetry these pens are a call back to simpler, more intuitive formats. The Elite is no exception.

Elite Design


G Pen Elite 2.jpg

The G Pen Elite is a cooly designed portable vaporizer, perfect for those out there who want quality vapor while on the move. The look is sleek, subtle, and above all conveniently sized. The body of the unit is ergonomically shaped so it fits nicely in your hand. Too often vaporizers of this size can feel clunky and heavy, not so with the Elite.

The construction of the G Pen Elite is super simple. In keeping with the Grenco Science aesthetic, there are essentially only two parts to the whole thing, the detachable mouthpiece and the body. The mouthpiece comes off easily to reveal the chamber inside where you’ll place your herb.

The chamber itself is quite large for a vaporizer of this size but that doesn’t mean you have to fully pack it every time just to get a great draw off it. It’s also made completely from ceramic.

...A Word on Ceramic

Ceramic is something that is always a great sign when contemplating a new vaporizer because you can be pretty much assured that you’ll get quality vapor each time. Some vapers think ceramic takes a little too long to heat but we tend to disagree. The great thing about ceramic is that it heats evenly to give great convection across your herb. The more even the heating, then the more even quality your vapor will be.

The Set Up

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Naturally, with only two main parts and a streamlined design, the G Pen Elite is extremely easy to set up. This style of vaporizer is great news for everyone but especially for beginners who will have no problem whatsoever in setting up their new vaporizer. Whatever your level of experience, though, you’re going to be vaping in no time.

To fill the ceramic chamber, as mentioned before, just remove the mouthpiece which snaps out of place easily enough. Though the chamber is quite large remember you don’t have to fill it right up in order to get quality vapor. Put the mouthpiece back on and then hold the power button to turn on the heating element.

You’ll be able to follow the temperature levels via the digital display along the side. Using the two smaller buttons here, also, you can adjust your temperature. The Elite will remember and save your temperature settings from your previous session so once you know what you like it’ll be even easier for you to get up and running.

Turn On

Turning on the Elite is really simple. Push the button at the front five times which puts it into standby mode. From here you just set the temperature to your desired level using the two smaller buttons. Another plus is that the G Pen Elite heats up really fast. Great for when you’re on the move as the last thing you want is a portable vaporizer that takes forever to reach optimum temperatures. And if you forget about your vaporizer for any reason it will turn off automatically after four minutes of disuse.

The Elite can reach desired temperatures in about twenty to thirty seconds. The range of temperatures capable from the vaporizer is between 200-428℉. This will be visible on the digital display on the side of the vaporizer, giving you maximum control and extensive heating options. You should be able to get about a dozen draws off of your filled heating chamber. 

In the past, there have been problems with G Pens causing herbs to combust. Basically combustion is when, instead of vaporizing your herbs, it burns them. It’s probably obvious but just so everyone knows this is something we definitely want to avoid. The G Pen Elite does not have the same issues even when it reaches the higher temperatures.

Battery Life

The LED lights along the side of the pen indicate just how much battery life there is. When the vaporizer itself is fully charged you should be able to get about about an hour of vaping in. Of course, this is dependent on your heat settings.

The G Pen Elite

In conclusion, the G Pen Elite is a fantastically efficient piece of equipment. The heat up time is really quick which is always a plus and the ceramic heating element gives you great tasting vapor each and every time. There’s also very little chance of combustion at the higher temperatures which can be a problem for some other pen vaporizers. The Elite, however, does not have this problem.

As a portable vaporizer, the Elite has all the hallmarks of a choice unit. Its size is only four and a half inches long so it can be placed into a pocket or bag with little problem. Due to the solid design, there are very few parts that are likely to be broken off if, for example, you need to tuck it out of sight quickly. Plus, the digital display is easily hidden by your hand so you can look very casual when out in public. For anyone looking for a vaporizer that is both discreet and portable, this is a great unit to go for.