Grow Large With Green Fusion LED

When you put science and technology together in a light, you get Green Fusion LED. This new version of LED lights is founded on decades of research and development.

“Years and years of research,” exclaimed Bob Johnson, owner and founder of Green Fusion LED. “This has been 27 years of research and development.”


Two years ago, a lighting expert, who worked on projects from the space station to the bottom of the ocean, had a fateful discussion with Johnson about the waste that was associated with the cannabis industry. “ He told us that the LED technology is there,” said Johnson.  “We kept telling him that it (LED lighting) has such a bad reputation right now.” 

LED was not the way to grow cannabis at the time. The lighting expert just smiled at Johnson, but six months later they had LED lighting fixtures and two months after that they had supplemental lights installed in their grow for testing. These were LED lights developed by the expert.

“It was totally amazing to me,” commented Johnson about the decreased amount of electricity that they were using to grow cannabis with after the LED lights were installed. “To actually get a viable product out of it was amazing. Since then I haven’t had one round (clone to harvest) that wasn’t successful. We are growing anything from a 2-foot to a 14-foot plant.”
Johnson figures that it is the legalization of cannabis that allowed experts access to this industry where they were not allowed before. The key to growing is to grow smarter, not harder. 

The cutting-edge technology of these LED lights is designed to serve a variety of industries like indoor commercial horticulture, research science applications, vertical growing operations, cannabis grower, seasonal plants, propagation and breeding, and floriculture. These efficient LED fixtures provide a boost in photosynthetic rates—which increases plant health and performance.


One of the greatest benefits of switching to Green Fusion LED lights is that it decreases the amount of energy used. The LEDs use the electricity to produce light, but not heat. This means that grow rooms do not need to use excessive amounts of energy to cool the facilities with air conditioning (HVAC). This decrease in electricity consumption allows Green Fusion LED to help the environment by reducing the cannabis industry’s carbon footprint.

“Anytime we are using less electricity, it is helping reduce our footprint,” explained Johnson. “I have rooms running right now with no air conditioning. That is where we save so much money with these things. My air conditioning bill has just dropped.”

“These (LED Light Protocol) are designed to bring your room up to the proper temperature for your plants,” continued Johnson. “They are also designed to run at a much cooler temperature than any other LEDs out there.”

“The lights stay bright as the temperature levels out around 86 to 90 degrees,” Johnson pointed out. “You want your plants under this system to be 84 to 86 degrees. You can touch the bulbs and hold them for however long you want without burning yourself.”

Johnson reported that a grower in another state, who installed Green Fusion LED systems, has seen a drastic reduction in energy. The electric bill was $550 a month before installation and is now $173 a month. (A more typical result is expected to be a 50% reduction in energy consumption.)

Because they run at a cooler temperature, these lights have an increased lifespan. The operating life is predicted to be over 20 years. This longevity justifies the financial investment. Johnson explained that if you invest around $2000 for lights and keep them for at least 10 years, the price is only $200 a year. If the lights last 20 years, then the cost is only $100 a year.

Another breakthrough with Green Fusion LED lights is that they have brought the extended light spectrum of natural sunlight indoors without including harmful ultraviolet radiation (UV). The elimination of the UV light spectrum creates a safer environment for both plants and workers.

Workers under LED lights experience a safer and more comfortable environment without UV rays. “It is a safer workplace with no UV damage,” said Johnson. “The UVs have been eliminated—the dangerous UVs.”

The removal of the UV spectrum also benefits the plants. The exclusion of harmful UVs allows plants to grow more vigorously and to their fullest potential. Cannabis plants under these lights get a chance to express their genetics—producing higher yields, greater terpenes, and improved flavor at harvest. 

“My plants’ genetics seem to be getting healthier,” said Johnson. “My plants have gone from toothpicks to pencils.”

Green Fusion LED offers several products to customize your growing experience.

The 78” Maximum Power Light Bar: This light bar is the baseline of the Green Fusion LED systems. These are available with vegetative and flowering LEDs. They are dimmable light bars that allow for adjustment of the brightness for optimal growing conditions.

SSU Light Meter: The SSU Light Meter is a proprietary design created to be used with the Green Fusion LED light systems. It measures the amount of light radiance that penetrates the plant canopy. This tool allows the grower to adjust the lights using collected data for maximum growth results.

Spectraflux: The Spectraflux is a special, highly reflective material that increases the amount of light available to the plants.

Supplemental Lighting: The supplemental lighting is available in four different wavelengths to add more lighting to the spectrum.

Control Panel: The control panel is an all-in-one system control box that includes four timer circuits.

The Sidelights: These lights are available in 48” and 78” lengths. These light boost the plants through different phases of growing cycles.

The Universal Power Supply: This is the power supply for the sidelights. It is available in two and four dimmable circuits.

For example, for a Green Fusion LED system that lights up a 10-foot by 10-foot propagation room you would need:

  • Six 78” flowering LED light bars
  • Thirteen supplemental lights
  • One control panel
  • Power and jumper cables (included with installation)

Cannabis plants can grow closer together with a Green Fusion LED system. When you use a high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting system, you have to space out your cannabis plants. They cannot be too close to the lights or they will burn. They cannot be too close together or the collective heat output from the lights negatively affects them. The HID lights also do not penetrate a thick canopy so the lower sections of the plants begin to die off.

The Green Fusion LED system allows growers to place their cannabis plants closer together. The plants can even touch the lights without causing them damage. The plants also do not overheat with this system.

“With this new system, you can pack your plants so much closer,” said Johnson. “I’m using half the space that I used to, using a third less electricity, and I’m getting better product. I just came back from the Cannabis Cup and everyone was trying to get my weed from me. They did not believe that it was grown under LED in dirt.”

The grow at Green Fusion LED has located their plants about two feet apart and are harvesting half-a-pound of product per plant. The cannabis terpene levels have also been documented at three to four times as high a plants grown under HID light systems. 

Green Fusion LED quarter page.jpg

Another benefit of Green Fusion LED systems is that they use the finest materials to create a quality product. The maintenance is minimal on the lights. Occasionally the cooling fans on the light bars require vacuuming or blowing out with compressed air for cleaning. 

The entire system can be customized to fit in a closet or an industrial warehouse. The light footprint can be expanded by spacing the lights farther apart or including more fixtures. The light fixtures are also upgradeable, so as more technological advancements take place the system can be refurbished to meet future standards.

As Hunter S. Thompson said, “Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.”  Green Fusion LED has included this saying in their attitude toward quality and customer service. The lighting experts will work with your business to customize your lighting system for your cultivation space. 

The staff will also design a layout for the lights and plan out the appropriate electrical supply for the installation of your light system. Most installations are quick and easy and can be set up with a single day—depending on the room size. Green Fusion LED staff will deliver your system in person or via a shipping agent.

“The best way to use Green Fusion LED lights is to get the entire system,” said Johnson. “It can be adapted to a closet or an entire warehouse. These lights are completely upgradeable, completely repairable, completely dimmable. Even if something happened to them they are completely recyclable.” 

When asked about wholesale, Johnson commented, “We are getting to that point. We just now have inventory for that. Just a little ways down the road.”

To get in touch with Green Fusion LED, visit them online at Call (541) 653-8081 or e-mail them at Facility tours of their Eugene, Oregon, location are available upon request.

“All of the basic systems out there are going to be phased out in about two years,” said Johnson about the future of lighting. “Anything with mercury, fluoresces ... They are not going to be able to manufacture them anymore.” 

Green Fusion LED’s future is looking bright as they take steps to lead the cannabis industry.