July Letter from the Editor

The legalization of cannabis has sparked new growth in technology. Companies and talented individuals are developing novel, more efficient ways to solve problems in the industry. 

We have seen improvements in pest control, plant nutrients, lighting, and growing systems. With all these new and improved innovations, I am happy to meet people who are attempting to integrate growing cannabis by reducing their impact on the environment. 

Green Fusion LED is trying to reduce our carbon footprint by decreasing the amount of electricity it takes to grow a crop. Their lighting systems do not create an overabundance of heat while growing indoors.

It also amazes me when cannabis entrepreneurs go back to basics and walk hand-in-hand with Mother Nature to achieve their goals. Cascade Gnome uses nature to grow their crops. Their back-to-nature technique also includes a flock of free-range pest controllers: ducks and chickens. 

I used the same pest control methods when I was growing up on the farm. Just let the birds loose and they clean up the garden.

Karen Carter

Managing Editor


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