MyPharmJar: Everything Else Is Just A Jar

Jars discovered in the tombs of ancient Egypt have produced viable seeds. These special jars created a suspended environment for preserving these seeds for thousands of years. 

MyPharmJar, out of Dundee, Oregon, has produced 100% Miron UV glass after researching this original Egyptian glass. After harvest, plants suffer accelerated molecular decay when exposed to sunlight. The MyPharmJar protects plant matter from ultraviolet rays.  

The Miron glass jars offer a long-term storage solution for herbs. Each jar is completely airtight and odor-proof. The apothecary jars are available in 5 ml to 2 ltr sizes. Each lid comes with a child-resistant option. 

Many of the sizes have a patent pending sensor capability that enables the monitoring of temperature and humidity within the jar. This gives you a visual indication of how your stored herbs are doing, without having to pop open the lid. 

MyPharmJar has even created a wireless remote sensor for their 1 and 2 liter jars. The sensor monitors the interior temperature and humidity like the sensor lids, but it transmits the data to a cloud computing backend for later retrieving. The program application work with all types of internet devices like tablets, PCs, and smartphones. This lets you keep track of all your jars without touching them to check on the contents.

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