Great For Sticky Fingers: Rez Rid

Rez Rid is a heavy-duty, resin cleanup wipe. This wipe is strongly citrus-scented, with a hint of grapefruit. The durable fiber surface of the wipe is 10 inches by 12 inches and is difficult to tear. 

The product is soaked in a solution that contains purified water, lanolin, aloe extract, and vitamin E. Using it on the hands leaves the skin feeling squeaky clean and soft. 

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This wipe can be used on tools, hands, equipment, fabric, carpet, tile, and most hard surfaces. Its uses include removal of plant resins, saps, dirt, mud, grease, stains, oils, odors, chemicals, tar, pet messes, paints, silicones, duct tape, permanent marker, glues, and adhesives. 

Just open the package, pull out the cloth, and wipe up the mess. Remember to dispose of the product responsibly to protect the environment. The package warns that the wipe may leave a film on glass or acrylic-based plastics. 

Rez Rid is produced by the Ohio-based Federal Process Corporation, which was founded in 1915. This company specializes in chemical solutions to problems faced by new markets. 

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