Venta: Perfect Humidification and Perfect Purification

When people spend about 90% of their lives indoors, air quality is a big concern. This concern has led Venta to their market niche by reducing indoor air pollution. Venta has been an industry leader in developing ways to improve air quality for over 35 years. It is still a family owned business and not a corperate where Venta Team members are with the company for many years.

Venta invented the cold evaporation system 2-in-1 humidifier and purifier in 1981. 

This worldwide-patented system of cold evaporation for perfect humidification and using water as filter, instead of the messy cartridges and filters, is since then manufactured in Germany with 100% green energy and is fully recyclable. The company’s mission is to help reduce the carbon footprint that humans leave. 

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“They don’t over-humidify, they don’t produce white dust, mold or bacteria,” said Bee Straubenger, one of the owners, CEO in the USA and responsible for the Global Marketing. “While they are moving the indoor air, which takes the needed humidification until it’s saturated, the units quietly purify from particles down to 10 micron. That’s all you need for pet dander, house dust, bacteria’s, pollen and all allergens. The constantly perfect humidified air is making you feel better, sleep better, focus better, have less headaches, less dry skin, less cold infections.  But not only for your healthier and better living but also for your wooden instruments, for your furniture, for your plants. I could talk for an hour about the advantages and would not be done. We’ve got thousands of letters with stories from customers about how the Venta helped. You just can’t imagine how you lived without one, when you got one. That’s why we’re getting such a high amount of orders from our customers who recommend us to their friends and family of buy a second a third one.”

Those are available for rooms from 200 sq.ft. (mostly sold to nurseries or small home offices) to 400 sq. ft. and up to 800 sq. ft. (about the size of a studio apartment).

Maintenance is super easy. And your life quality improves after week one.


“Now we have a new invention, which is the large space airwashers - humidifiers and purifiers 2-in-1,” said Straubenger. “These large ones come with a display and remote control and an app where you can see your air quality. We got again a 30 year worldwide patent for our invention of the hygiene disc, which makes maintenance even more easy. And we, as the indoor air experts, invented the most powerful and quietest purifier, which comes with two worldwide new filters, way beyond any HEPA filter. They purify down to 0.07 micron. And we made a Purifier Hybrid, with one of those amazing filters and our cold evaporation system to humidify.” These machines all come Wi-Fi ready. 

The large capacity airwashers are designed to cover 1650 sq. ft. and 2700 sq. ft. There is even a version that has a water connection that pipes water directly into the water tank of the machine. This version refills the tank automatically. “I’m thinking about all the greenhouses for humidification, without the need to take care of the unit,” Straubenger said.

The airwashers are considered out-of-the-box technology and are usually fully functioning in less than five minutes. These machines use less energy than a light bulb and are designed to run 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Straubenger tells that her 420-friendly company envisions breaking into the cannabis industry in three directions. 

“We have the purifier for the growers,” she said. “For the cutting room where they need perfect purification. If you think about the greenhouses where the growers need 55% humidity constantly, that is our big space/large space humidifiers, maybe even the one with water connection. For the dispensaries we have the purifier or the purifier & humidifier Hybrid, to get help with the strong odor of the weed.” 

“And for the end consumers who go to a dispensary,” she continued, “to either buy the products to smoke, they could get their Venta as well. Either the purifier with two filters or they could take the smaller airwashers home to have all the advantages you look into, when you are aware of your lifestyle, of healthier living of your health in general.”

Ordinary humidifiers heat up and force water vapor into the air. This can result in over-humidification, exposure to unsafe airborne bacteria, and water damage to household items like wood furniture. By pushing excess water into the air, it encourages the growth of mold and bacteria, which can create an unhealthy environment

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There are health advantages when using a humidification/purification system. “Because life quality changes immensely the minute you have our little one,” said Straubenger. “You live in perfectly humidified and purified air from house dust and pet dander and pet hair. You can see all the advantages: you don’t have to moisturize your skin that often; you have less headaches; you have less cold infections; you focus better; you sleep way better. It has so many advantages.”

Straubenger continued, “That is why I love this business, because I’m a true believer that this new business is going to help millions of people who go through chemo or suffer from depression, Parkinson, chronic pain and a lot more. It’ll help and change so many lives. And I’m so lucky in the USA with an amazing team where everyone is about helping our customers on a very personal and individual level. All the feedback we’re getting makes us happy. That’s why this is just a perfect fit.”

One of the biggest hurdles Venta faces is the big corporations producing cheap humidifiers. “Americans are used to buying them when they have a cold.” Straubenger said, “They spend $70 or so and buy one of these disposers which are very unhealthy. They buy these ones for nurseries in the shape of monkeys or panda bears that just push water into the air and they don’t know what they bring into their nurseries. No one educates them about it. And that is our problem. If we could educate each and every American about how dangerous they (the cheap humidifiers) are, and how amazing we are - we would already be super super big.”

“But that is the problem,” said Straubenger. “We have to fight against these big corporations that have hundreds of products in their portfolios and have $100 millions to spend in marketing and campaigning. It is very hard for us, a little daughter company in the US to bring out our message.”

“I hope very much we can reach all the growers out there and make them see that we have the best humidifiers and purifiers for their business,” she said. “That we make the dispensary owners see that they’d get the best unit for their indoor air in the shops and the best product to sell to their consumers with the cannabis products. But most of all, to realize that they’d deal with a company which guarantees a green product, a high end premium German made product and an outstanding service.”

If you would like to take a look at Venta’s airwashers visit their website at or call their customer service at 888-333-8218. The customer service representatives are very knowledgeable about their products and are happy to help you match your needs with the right product.