Apex Hemp Looks to Elevate Standards

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Apex is defined as “the top or highest part of something, especially one forming a point” or to “reach a high point or climax,” and that is precisely what Apex Hemp is doing. They are setting the highest standards for hemp businesses in the Pacific Northwest. I was honored to speak with JT Taylor, one of the founders of Apex Hemp, about their “hempsational” products and much more for this article.

Like many hemp companies, Apex Hemp’s success has not come without obstacles along the way. According to JT, one of their biggest hurdles is sourcing quality hemp that is worthy of being used in their product line.

“Our biggest obstacle is actually finding certified USDA organic hemp,” said JT. “There is a lot of [hemp] grown organically with organic practices, but this does not give the consumer confidence that the product has no pesticides or unwanted residual solvents. We feel, at the end of the day, the consumer should not feel like a science experiment. APEX believes in the whole plant natural state of the plant, as it is full of vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial properties that coincide with the plant’s cannabinoid benefits.”

With hundreds of CBD and hemp businesses coming on the market each year, those in the sector must work vigilantly to make their brand stand apart from the rest. This is something that Apex Hemp doesn’t take lightly. What really makes Apex stand apart from other hemp companies is their diversity and organic nature.

“Apex Hemp really stands out because of the diversity of products we make and the organic nature of our products,” said JT. “There is a large market out there for a more all-natural approach to extraction.”

Innovation and forward progress is another area that can really help make a hemp business stand out from the crowd. Sometimes, forward progress is remembering what worked for many years and reimplementing it. This is something Apex is currently exploring and doing. For many years livestock feed contained hemp and was a beneficial part of the diets of the animals that make up the diets of some of us. This is a significant aspect of our food that has been missing over the past 80+ years. Coincidentally, over the past 80+ years, the number of devastating “common” conditions that plague humanity has continuously risen and wreaked havoc on our health.

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“We also developed an Organic Livestock CBD pellets that I personally brought to market,” said JT. “We have seen a dramatic increase in egg size and yolk size when [it is] fed to chickens. We are currently working with a few universities in testing the meat and to see if the cannabinoids show up in the meat. Cannabinoids ‘could’ eventually replace the need for antibiotics, steroids, and hormones ... stay tuned.”

When it comes to the products offered by Apex Hemp, the list is almost endless because that is just how diverse this plant is.

I asked JT about the most in-demand Apex product and why he believes this product is the one people are interested in. Here is what he had to say:

“Our biggest demand is for our Apex Organic CBD Oil. Right now I feel like that will switch to our CBD powder in the next couple years when people realize hemp is a much better protein source than genetically modified corn or soy,” said JT. “Hemp is a complete protein—something that’s not common in the plant world. It’s also loaded with cannabinoids, which are found naturally in the powder.”

With such passion and dedication going into every aspect of the business, it is easy to see how it was founded by and is being run by passionate individuals. Let’s take a closer look at the individuals behind Apex Hemp and why they have chosen to dedicate their lives and careers to this hempsational plant and the products it can make.

Apex Hemp was founded by JT Taylor, Andreas Wecker, and Brian Clark. Brian has an environmental sciences background. When combined with the cold press machines invented by Andreas, a German engineer, and the product development done by JT, the three are a potent trifecta of success. The team was brought together and the company came full circle because of JT’s background as a professional MMA fighter and the pain he had endured because of that career.

“I retired from professional MMA, and that is truly the sport of pain,” said JT. “I had always [taken] great pride in not showing pain. I felt a lot of pain and received a lot of pain and, at 37, I retired from professional cage fighting. At that point in life, I had four boys, I was broke, and in so much pain I was crying inside. I wasn’t sure how I was going to live through the pain and also raise four boys. So I started brokering hemp farms.”

This was when it all started to come together.

“I visited a hemp farm,” he said. “Unfortunately, his field had gone to seed and he didn’t know what to do with the seeds, so I said I would find someone to buy the seed so his crop wouldn’t be a complete failure. That someone just happened to be Andreas Wecker and his cold presses.”

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The products developed by the trio weren’t the first cannabis products that JT had consumed in the hope of finding relief. In fact, he was smoking a lot of cannabis to help with pain management before that, but it wasn’t enough. At the time, Andreas was looking for hemp to run in his cold press machines but had been unsuccessful in obtaining any due to the prohibition on cannabis at the time. With hemp in hand and cold presses at their fingertips, they worked together to develop the recipe for their oil and, as JT stated, “it was nothing short of groundbreaking.”

“I woke up the next day virtually pain-free,” said JT. “I barely felt my wrist that had hurt for months. It was as if the light was switched; I knew we found something very amazing. After 20 years of MMA And Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you know injuries and how long they take to recover, but this was something like I had never experienced before. I knew whatever we put this in would turn to gold. I came up with the name Apex Hemp Oil, bought a domain, and was already selling online with a different business, so I knew the ins and outs. We created a label, and that’s how Apex hemp oil was created.”

That was when JT went into full product development mode.

“After that, I knew anything we put this oil it would be off the charts, so I started formulating it in my kitchen to make products and create finished goods, so I quickly got to work in my kitchen knowing it was a race to be in this new market that was just forming,” said JT.

He continued, “I also sought local help to develop new products that I didn’t have the experience in, like lotion and soap bars and chocolate bars, and started formulating with others to put our organic CBD oil in and make finished goods. Our parent company received its USDA organic certificate, and that’s what really took our business to the next level.

“Quickly we rose to the top of the search engines under ‘organic CBD oil’ and ‘cold pressed,’ which brought us many clients and interested parties,” he said. “We came out with the first USDA-certified organic cold-pressed CBD oil, which was also just certified kosher!”

So, what is next for Apex Hemp? Well, it all depends on what the FDA’s decision is regarding CBD in food and beverages, as well as hemp-infused edible products. Whatever their decision, Apex is confident they have the quality and know-how to stay in compliance and take even more great products to market in the future.

“Right now, the industry is in the crossroads with the FDA, [which] will be making a decision on what is allowed in a food or beverage, and that will weigh heavily on the residual solvent allowances and pesticide levels in food, drink, or cosmetic products,” TJ said. “We feel we are in a pretty safe place due to the natural processing method and our USDA organic processing license. We have a bright future and are excited to help brands that already operate with organic status help them get a USDA-organic CBD in their product for the market demand. Through our new site, hempseedwholseale.com, we are excited about the future for everyone involved and wish success to all for years to come.”

To learn more about Apex Hemp or to order products visit their website at apexhempoil.com today.