Bet On Canna-Pet For Hemp-Derived CBD


CBD for pets is something more pet owners are learning about. According to, in 2017 the market for hemp-based CBD products that were developed for human consumption brought in roughly $177 million in sales in the US. The same year, sales for CBD products manufactured for pets or animals were estimated to be around $13 million.

The projections for 2022, however, show these numbers going much higher. The CBD market for human consumption is expected to grow to $522 million by 2022. The hemp-based CBD market for products manufactured for animals is expected to grow nearly 10 times what it was in 2017, worth roughly $125 million in 2022.


Why CBD for Animals?


Pets such as cats and dogs, livestock such as horses and cattle, and humans alike all have what is known as an endocannabinoid system. CBD, which is a phytocannabinoid found in high concentrations in hemp, works with this vital mammalian system to help create a state of homeostasis within the body. Just like humans, many animals, including our four-legged friends, suffer from conditions such as anxiety, cancer, arthritis, and epilepsy. CBD has been proven to be effective in providing relief from all of these conditions.

Here are some staggering statistics surrounding the number of cats and dogs that suffer from conditions in which CBD could prove to be beneficial:

•Seizures occur in an estimated 0.5 to 0.7 percent of all dogs, about 1 in 200. (Canna-Pet)

•The most common type of canine arthritis is degenerative joint disease, or osteoarthritis, affecting one out of five adult dogs in the United States. (The American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation, Inc.)

•Separation anxiety is estimated to affect around 14 percent of dogs. (The American Kennel Club)

•There are 65 million dogs and 32 million cats in the US. Of these, roughly six million new cancer diagnoses are made in dogs and a similar number made in cats each year. (The Animal Cancer Foundation,

•Approximately 1 in 4 dogs will, at some stage in their life, develop neoplasia. (The American Veterinary Medical Foundation)

•Almost one in two dogs over the age of 10 years develops cancer. Approximately one third of the cancers in dogs are skin cancers. (Cancer Active)

Introducing Canna-Pet

Canna-Pet, based in Washington in the Pacific Northwest, is a leader in the industry. They provide some of the highest quality hemp-derived CBD products for pets available. CBD-infused products for dogs, cats, and even horses are available from Canna-Pet. Many veterinarians nationwide also carry their products. This month, Cannabiz Journal had the chance to speak with Samantha Wormser, a spokesperson for Canna-Pet, regarding their product line and the use of CBD products for various animals.

Cannabiz Journal: Canna-Pet is an industry leader for CBD pet products. What do you believe drives this success?

Canna-Pet Spokesperson Samantha Wormser: Canna-Pet was the first company to pioneer CBD supplements specifically for pets. From the beginning, the company has been dedicated to providing superior, 100% American-made, hemp-rich products for animals and has invested more than a million dollars in CBD research to ensure their products are top of the line. For Canna-Pet, the quality of the product itself is superior to other products out there, due to not only the CBD in the product but also to terpenes and flavonoids that lend to the synergistic effect of the product. We also don’t use any fillers or additives that many other companies use.

CBJ: Consumers love all of your hempsational CBD pet products. Of all of the products, what is the most popular and why do you think there is such a demand for it?


Samantha: While all of our products are well-loved, the capsules are especially popular among pets and owners. We have more customers who are dog owners than cat owners, but the capsules are preferred more by cat owners, based on the taste, and also used by dog owners. Canna-Pet products are meant to be consumed directly, mixed with food for the most bioavailability of the product, so our capsules are meant to be opened, with the contents poured into your pet’s food, and consumed directly into the mouth.

CBJ: We hear more about CBD for dogs and cats more than anything else, what can you tell readers about the CBD line Canna-Pets offers for horses?

Samantha: Canna-Pet offers three different products: capsules, liquid, and dog biscuits. With this in mind, horses can take the capsules and the liquid product interchangeably. The liquid products have a rapid effect and metabolize more quickly than the capsules. They’re particularly useful for pets with dietary restrictions as the liquids absorb directly in the mouth and don’t need to be mixed into food.

CBJ: Canna-Pet® Max has more of everything and is Canna-Pet’s #1 selling product for pets in crisis. Can you tell us more about what makes Canna-Pet® Max special and possibly a few examples of crisis scenarios you have heard of it in which it provides relief?

Samantha: Canna-Pet Max provides rapid relief to pets in crisis with much higher levels of hemp, two dozen terpenes, and improved absorption and bioavailability. Crisis scenarios include pets that have recently undergone surgeries and may have a more immediate need for pain relief, or pets that have intermittent anxiety and need immediate relief based on certain circumstances (i.e., fireworks on 4th of July).

To learn more about Canna Pet or to get started using hemp-derived CBD products for your pets or other beloved animals, visit today!