Dauntless Announces the Acquisition of Soro Software


Dauntless, Inc. has acquired Soro Software, Inc. announcing an agreement to combine forces and move forward together.

“We’re super excited about working with Dauntless,” said Soro CEO Jerry Tindall. “Our companies just clicked so well together; it was a no-brainer.”

Dauntless CEO Clark Musser said, “We’ve both got best-in-breed software offerings for the cannabis industry. Joining teams cements our place as both a pioneer and leader in both the emerging US and global cannabis industry.”

The combined company will operate under the Dauntless name.

Dauntless (bedauntless.com) is best known for their point-of-sale solution Korona and seed-to-sale product TraceWeed. Both products will soon be rebranded. Soro (sorosoftware.com) offers the leading cannabis-specific CRM and sales enablement platform for growers, processors, and distributors.

“Combined, we offer true end-to-end solutions for the cannabis industry. No one else can handle the needs of growers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers like we can. Whether your business is just a few people or an enterprise, we’ve got you covered,” said Tindall.

The combined companies intend to integrate their offerings into a global cannabis-industry platform called GIANT.

Dauntless COO Brady Miller said, “There are over 87,000 cannabis-related businesses in the world today. We’re able to connect them all together to allow both information and physical products to flow freely between businesses. We’re leading the charge on making cannabis one of the best-connected industries on earth.”

The products offered previously by each company will continue to be sold both individually or as part of the larger suite.

Dauntless, Inc., provides origin to consumption business management and traceability services to the cannabis and hemp industry. Dauntless’ giant platform is the first and most comprehensive data network for the cannabis industry to interact and transact across multiple jurisdictions globally.

Since introducing cannabis business management products (Korona and TraceWeed) from Redmond, Washington, in 2013, Dauntless has provided the cannabis industry a complete suite of scalable, enterprise-level solutions that work seamlessly with one another to provide businesses of all sizes access to the latest in management automation and data analysis tools.

Dauntless’ end-to-end solutions work for any business unit within the cannabis industry (growers, manufacturers, laboratories, distributors, and retailers), software services, hard goods providers, professional services, and governmental entities with the goal of empowering the industry to be dauntless. www.BeDauntless.com

For more information, contact Darin Velin at 206-494-3338, ext. 714, or e-mail darin@dauntlessinc.com.