Dominion Organics: Products For Organic Growing

Dominion Organics offers organic fertilizers, soil amendments, and beneficial soil inoculants. Some of their products are Budd Wizer, Brontosaurus Budd, and Root Rocket. The products are available to home gardeners, market gardeners, and large commercial growers. Founder Blair McHenry is committed to assisting organic growers to produce better tasting and yielding crops.

Dominion Plant Laboratory opened first in Langley, BC, Canada, where the research and development on the products took place. Within seven years, 21 products were developed, field-tested, and marketed. At that time the emphasis was on the hydroponic greenhouse industry. In 2009, Dominion Plant Lab and Dominion Organics moved to Washington and switched their focus to organic crop production. Today Blair is taking Dominion Organics into the cannabis industry.

CannaBiz Journal: What inspired you to create this company?

Blair: I have been running Dominion Organics in Washington for 13 years now, and was in Canada two years prior to that. At that time I started producing certified organic vegetables with high-quality nutrients.

When I was in Canada 20 years ago I taught greenhouse horticulture and, after that, I ran an agriculture research laboratory for seven years. During that time I was approached by multiple companies in the cannabis industry [that wanted] me to produce a product for that industry.

I worked with numerous companies and observed that many of them had no concern for quality or real research on products, and no growers’ outcome (good/bad)—only sales. I realized that they had terrible business ethics. After I discussed my observations, numerous companies breached our contracts, [owing enormous amounts of money]. At that point, I was tired of doing work for others and decided to start my own company, where I controlled the outcome of producing high-quality performing products.

CBJ: Who has worked on the research and development of your products?

Blair: I have had the pleasure of working with scientists and some of the best growers in the world, but mainly I have been running the research and development of our nutrient line.

CBJ: What does your fertility input program consist of?

Blair: We use 50 different inputs from sources all over the world to provide a high-end complete fertility input program—the entire Dominion Organics nutrient line for both indoor and/or greenhouse use.

CBJ: How did your eye-catching labels come about?

Blair: There really isn’t any inspiration that goes into our labels. I have designed them and the ideas just came as time went on. I do the design in-house and we have our labels printed at Applied Digital in Bellingham.

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