Got Hemp?

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The United States and much of the rest of the world has begun a full-blown hemp revolution in recent years. Momentum for this movement began gaining traction in tandem with the cannabis legalization drive around medical use and then took on a life of its own with the passing of the 2018 farm bill, which legalized the growing of hemp nationally.

So, what is being done with all this hemp? The first and most obvious answer is CBD. This compound, which is prevalent in hemp, has been shaking up the medical establishment with its ability to reduce seizures, lower inflammation, reduce anxiety and insomnia, and affect a host of other ailments that are regulated by the body’s endocannabinoid system.

Most of the hemp being planted in the US today is intended for CBD production. CBD interacts directly with the endocannabinoid systems CB1 receptor and modulates THC’s psychoactive effects. Because of the political climate in the US and its influence abroad, CBD has become the darling out of a wide array of cannabinoids and allowed hemp, which is naturally low in THCA, to gain significant ground over cannabis.

In the ensuing transition from cannabis to hemp crop production, a challenging scenario has occurred. In the rush to plant hemp crops, many left decisions on what to do with these sizable harvests until just before planting or at harvest. This has left a few state markets with a surplus of plant material, which has crippling effects on producers.

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Got hemp? Now what? Extraction is an esoteric topic that many find challenging to wrap their heads around and it is a capital expense decision regarding necessary primary technology that will make or break a company. These two areas lead to stress in finding expertise and fear in making a disastrous technology decision. It is clear that expertise in extraction, product development, and placement, as a modern community-based mission, are essential components to success in a competitive marketplace.

Fortunately for the industry and your business, Eden Labs, LLC, has been at the forefront of R&D, product development, and extraction technology for 25 years and they have anticipated this surge in hemp production for CBD. They are the only extraction company with experience in cannabis oil production that can scale systems to handle acreage in daily production. They currently offer supercritical CO2 and ethanol extractors that can be scaled to industrial levels, allowing for up to six tons of hemp extraction per day. Ethanol offers a low entry cost for large scale extraction; CO2 is more expensive, but has the lowest daily operating cost of available methods. Variables in CO2 operations produce a wider array of end products that are high in cannabinoid and terpene content and the CO2 oil production is more efficient because it is easier to refine to pharmaceutical grade CBD.

But CBD is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the amazing things that can be done with the hemp plant. Consider these other products, which have been around for quite some time:

Hemp seed oil—possibly the healthiest seed oil on the planet and containing the proper proportion of Omega oils for optimal health.

Paper—hemp produces four times as much paper per acre as trees.

Biodiesel—hemp produces four times as much biodiesel per acre as soybeans, the current favorite.

Textiles—hemp-based fabrics can replace all other fabric materials more efficiently and at a lower cost.

Construction—hemp can be turned into concrete, boards, and even I-beams that have the same structural support as metal beams.

The stage is now set for hemp to become the most important industry in America. What’s needed now is the infrastructure to support it. If you’ve got hemp and need extraction solutions around product development and scalability, contact trusted experts at