Ways To Save Money When Buying Marijuana


The legalization of marijuana in more states in the United States has brought about an increase in its demand. Many more individuals are drawn towards the many benefits that marijuana can bring, both for medical and recreational purposes. But it also doesn't change the fact that marijuana and cannabis products can sometimes come with a hefty price tag.

That said, there are numerous ways you can save money when buying marijuana. Continue reading below to learn more.

1. Make a List

Even if buying marijuana isn’t exactly like grocery shopping, this doesn't mean that you should be without a list. Before you even head out to dispensaries or start shopping online, you should have with you a list of the marijuana products that you intend to buy. This may be a need or something that you're just very interested in trying out. When you have this list, you end up feeling less overwhelmed with the numerous options presented to you in dispensaries. It also keeps you on track better when it comes to buying only items that you need.

2. Use Discount Codes Or Coupons

Discount and coupon codes aren't a thing of the past. They're still very much relevant in the shopping trips of today. In fact, there are still numerous shoppers who make it a point to have a discount or coupon code first before they even shop. That way, you're making sure that you're not paying for the full price of something that you can have on a discount.

However, a word of caution: use discount codes or coupons wisely. For example, you can use an Eaze promo code on the marijuana products that you intended to buy and not on those that you'll never get to use anyway. Or else, you're only spending and wasting money on marijuana products that you're only going to regret using. Just because you have a coupon code doesn't mean that you should go and buy more on a whim. Keep your purchases limited to those that you only need.

3. Shop Around

This depends on the availability of options in your locality. If there are numerous options you can choose from, take the time to shop around. In like manner, as you would when shopping for other goods, it can do you well to window shop. Before making a final purchase, compare the available stocks and their respective prices first among all the dispensaries in your local area. That way, you're allowing yourself the opportunity to end up with the best purchase option and deal there is.

4. Bring Only The Amount You Need

Dispensaries are filled to the brim with various products you can try out. From oils to tinctures, to brownies and even to candies and gummy bears, you might get very tempted to want to try out all of them. One of the best ways you can combat this and still stay within budget is to bring only the cash that you need.

For instance, for this marijuana-shopping trip, you intended to spend only $200. Even if you've got a promo code with you that might lower your total bill, still, bring that $200 in full. If there's any extra that you can buy because of a promo code, take that in as a freebie that you didn't have to pay for. In doing so, you're able to buy more than you need without spiking up your bill more than what you initially intended.

5. Don't Buy On Impulse

One of the most common mistakes made by any shopper is the tendency to impulse buy. You think you need this, so you purchase it. Or perhaps, because it looks new and exciting to you, you want to give it a try. Later on, however, you realize it's a regrettable purchase. When shopping for marijuana, you've got to be very careful. It isn't something that you can easily give away to someone else when you don't like it anymore. As you shop, think carefully about every marijuana item that you put in your cart. If it's something that you're not sure about, then you should leave it.


Although the demand for legal marijuana and cannabis products is increasing, dispensaries still aren't as numerous. This means that the prices aren’t as low as it's typically expected in comparison with other goods that may have more suppliers. Depending on what it is you're looking for, the price of marijuana can quickly go from affordable to quite a hefty purchase, especially when you're buying a lot. Still, this doesn't mean that you can’t save a few bucks. Following these tips and tricks can help ensure that, soon enough, you'll be on your way towards saving the most money as you shop for pot