Southern Oregon Seeds: Home of the Collectible Adult Genetic Preservation Souvenir Seeds


Looking for a hard-to-find cannabis strain? Perhaps Southern Oregon Seeds can help you find what you want.

Established in 2014, Southern Oregon Seeds offers over 28 different cannabis seed varieties for sale. This online seed company sells its seeds as collectible, adult genetic preservation souvenir seeds.

CannaBiz Journal: Where do you get your seed stock?

Southern Oregon Seeds: Southern Oregon Seeds carries a wide variety of seeds [from many] breeders. We are proud to be able to offer our Southern Oregon Seeds-branded seeds. We partner with amazingly talented people and some famous breeders to help create incredible genetics for us to offer.

Their most popular strains are Lemon OG, Arcata Trainwreck, and Skunk. Some of their other strains include:

Late Bloomers: A13 Haze, Bellini, Mango Chutney, Sugar Mill, Banana Snaps

Fast Bloomers: Blackberry, Bubba Gum Auto, Chocolate Orange Cream, Cream D’Mint, Big Foot

Auto-Flower: CBD Crack, Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue, Caramel Cream, Killer Kush

Low THC: Candida, Green Doctor, Hiydrow, Nightingale, Txaki

Southern Oregon Seeds regularly tests the seeds in stock for germination rates, for sale to states where germination of cannabis seed is legal.

SOS: We are proudly located in the USA and provide shipping for your souvenirs throughout the country.

They state on their website that they can refuse to sell seeds to anyone who is planning to grow cannabis in states or countries where growing is illegal. They also ask customers to not distribute the seeds in areas where cannabis is still illegal. They claim no responsibility for customers who do not abide by the laws. You must be 21 or older in order to purchase seeds from the online catalog.

CBJ: Do you have other items for sale on your website?

SOS: We currently offer men’s and women’s hemp cotton, custom-designed shirts for sale and will soon be adding a CBD line of lotions, balms, tinctures, candies, and more to the website.

CBJ: What are the benefits of growing from seed?

SOS: There are so many benefits. Where to start? When growing from seed you can literally start seeds in your window for outdoor harvest. With seeds, you don’t need to worry about having the leaves reset due to a time difference and light cycle like you do clones. Starting from seed allows you to avoid bringing in mold or bug problems from someone else’s garden.

Seeds can be stored for many years, as long as they are stored properly. When caring for seeds, keep them in a cool, dark, dry place. You can grow different seeds and go back to that seed two years later and grow it again without having to keep a mother plant under a light and try to keep it alive. So the benefits of seeds, in our eyes, are endless.

CBJ: How do you get the plants to come out true?

SOS: Some may just take right to it when growing a plant from seed, as they have gardening experience. When dealing with seeds make sure to buy reliable genetics from a reputable breeder or seed bank. That way you know these folks care about what they do and are not producing seeds that will be hermaphrodites or a big burden to grow.

CBJ: Why would I want to grow from seed rather than from clones?

SOS: I believe growing from seed is a personal preference. I do have a lot of friends and family who grow from clones and prefer that way. I prefer to grow from seed. I’ve had more success with seeds than I ever have had with a cutting/clone given [to me] or purchased from a dispensary. I am aware that there are some plants that you can only get in clone form.

CBJ: Any other information you would like to share?

SOS: We wanted to create a way for people to have access to great genetics from all over the world at one easy location here in the US. Our goal was to help caregivers and sick patients obtain medical seeds so they could grow their medications safely.

Visit their website at to see all their products.