What To Look For In The Best Vaporizer


Vaping has become popular nowadays. Instead of smoking which has more harmful effects, vaping is a good alternative. By using vaporizers, you can inhale the vaporized substances such as blends, herbs, tobacco, or cannabis.

When you use vaporizers, you avoid absorbing tar, carcinogens, and other harmful smoke. It's because vaporizing doesn’t destroy or ignite the cannabinoids but only heats it to the right temperature.

In fact, different vaporizers like stationary vaporizers, portable vaporizers, and pen vaporizers are already out there on the market. But to choose the best may be challenging. That's why you must check the following features that a vaporizer should have before purchasing one:

1. Portability

Vaporizers with portable features are perfect for carrying wherever you go. They’re hand-held devices that use ceramic, stainless steel, or quartz. The most recommended material for hand-held vaporizers is the ceramic because it heats up faster.

Just like a Firefly 2 Plus, portable vaporizers are most likely to deliver an outstanding vapor as well as the following benefits:

  • Warranties - most portable vaporizers have warranties; thus, you can ask for a replacement when it malfunctions. Or if you’ve chosen the right supplier, you’ll have assistance from their customer service representatives. Good suppliers provide warranties so buying from dealers without such may put you at risk.

  • Smoke Anywhere - using a portable vaporizer means you can smoke almost anywhere as it doesn't release tar or flame that smoking does. Some even have a flavor that you and others can enjoy smelling.

  • Avoid Fire Outbreaks - since vaporizers don’t have an open flame, chances of setting something on fire is minimized. Moreover, a built-in sensor in portable vaporizers automatically shuts itself when it’s already heated tobacco.

  • Discreet - since you can keep it in your pocket, no one can see it unless you flaunt it. With a portable vaporizer, you can have dry herbs without letting others know it.

2. Vapor Quality

Because you're using a vaporizer, it should produce a high-quality vapor. The quality of vapor is what can break or make your experience in vaping. When talking about vapor quality, flavor and potency are essential.

The flavor refers to the taste produced by the vapor, while potency refers to the generated medical power. To know if a vaporizer is potent, your vaporizer must have the following characteristics:

  • Direct-draw inhalation - you can inhale more pure vapor since the source is closer to you. Moreover, the condensed vapor doesn’t quickly build up in whips or wands.

  • Desktop vaporizers - they don't use a battery but directly use electricity, so more powerful heating elements are produced.

  • Heating element must be powerful and effective like most portable vaporizers due to its convection heating style.

Technically, a potent vapor is the ratio of the air and the cannabinoids. It means that vapor that has stronger medical effects have more cannabinoids. Without an instrument to measure the ratio, you can still check whether your vaporizer produces quality vapor by observing the following:

  • The feeling you feel after the vaporizer hits you - whether it hits you high or not.

  • The size of the clouds - the thicker means, the more potent the vapor is.

  • The density of the clouds - the denser it is, it means more potent vapor.

Aside from being potent, your vapor can be flavorful if your vaporizer has these following characteristics:

  • Vapor cooling - to balance the taste of hot vapor, your vaporizer must have a balloon, cooling coil, or a water-cooling coil.

  • Glass - this material doesn’t affect your vapor when the latter touches it. Therefore, you won't have to taste an unnecessary taste; only enjoy fine and pure flavor.

  • Convection heating - this type of heating extracts all your herbs flavor so you can enjoy a flavorful vapor from start to end.

3. Temperature Control

TC or temperature control is essential to control burn and dry hits in vapes. Aside from CBD products, TC is one of the most important innovations that can help cannabis users to vape without the burning sensation. Technologically speaking, the temperature doesn’t exceed or goes higher, which results in a long drag for consistent vapes. It's one of the best features of the best vaporizers so you must check the TC before purchasing one.

To understand the importance of a TC, you must understand how it works:

  • As the coils of vaporizers heat, the metal of the coils' resistance increases.

  • For some vaporizers, they have a static resistance whatever the temperature is.

  • Mod checks of the vaporizer, monitor the coil's resistance from room temperature until it gets hotter.

  • The mod then maintains the selected temperature when its power is adjusted after converting the resistance change.

To know whether your vaporizer has a TC, its name will have a TC on it. When you have a TC on your vaporizer, you'll get the following benefits:

  • Consistent vaping - puffs will be consistent since you can control the heat of your vaporizer.

  • More battery life - TC vaporizers use less power because it only has a specific power need to operate the coil.

  • Avoid Overheating - when the temperature is high, the possibility of singeing your coil is high, which gives a bad after-taste. But with a TC, your coil will be protected from singeing so it can last longer.

  • Prevents burnt or dry hits - because the temperature isn’t getting higher, the wick won't easily run dry.



Looking for the best vaporizer needs a thorough understanding of its components. Moreover, keeping yourself informed of the features of a vaporizer can help you limit your choices.

Instead of browsing the web for reviews of best or recommended vaporizers, you already have a set of standards to work from. All you need to do is to look at each component or feature, and you'll know what to buy. And if you've already mistakenly bought one, then you'll have the chance to return or change it.