Why Do I Need A Marketing Calendar?

Well it is December already and the year is coming to a close. Time for holiday parties and family get-togethers. Time to wrap up the year and prepare for the new one. What have you planned for your business in twenty eighteen? 

As you are working with your staff to clean up shop and as you are working your accountant to wrap up your books, this month is a wonderful time to set goals for your business and to lay out your marketing and communication activities with your customers, deciding on innovative promotions to attract new prospects do your business.

Because it can be easy to get side tracked by the day to day of running your business, having your marketing efforts pre-planned in a marketing calendar can help you maintain your momentum as you work through the year. A marketing calendar can provide you and your staff a clear overview of what and when a marketing initiative is taking place – ahead of time.

Why is it important to have your marketing planned out in advance? Because even in this fast paced, digital world, things take time to put together. There are lead times for advertising in magazines and newspapers and even on radio and TV (yes there are areas around the country that are considering allowing cannabis advertisements on broadcast media). Printing companies, suppliers and other vendors often have long lead times that also need to be considered as well as making sure your own inventory and staffing are ready for the sale.

A few years ago,  my wife and I went out for a Saint Patrick’s day lunch. We went to a local Irish Pub and soon after we got seated at our table we knew things weren’t quite right. The dining room was strangely empty, nearly everyone in the place was in a rather foul mood. The wait staff was grumpy and there was yelling and the sound of crashing pans coming from the kitchen. When it was time to make our order, we found out the reason for the decidedly unhappy atmosphere in the place. The owner of the pub had actually forgotten that Saint Patrick’s Day was that day! He didn’t order the corned beef or green beer on time for his vendors to supply the restaurant.  There weren’t any of the traditional decorations up either. What should have been a festive meal wasn’t. How much business did this mistake cost the owner of the pub?

If the pub owner had planned ahead for the holiday he would have been able to avert this hit to his day’s profits.

How to build your marketing calendar So, while you are out buying the Christmas party supplies, pick up an inexpensive 2018 planner for building your marketing plans in.


Jared Finkenbinder, Visibility Architect, is the owner of Design328.com in Northern Colorado. Experienced in all aspects of Branding and Marketing—both online and offline; as well as Project Management, Graphic Design and Communication; Jared has been helping businesses be more visible with projects spanning 30 years, by designing targeted Visibility Strategies that help small business owners attract more prospects, connect effortlessly with clients, and engage in more business. Contact Jared at online@design328.com and visit our website http://design328.com.  Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/design328/.