Texas Medical Cannabis Company Awarded License

Compassionate Cultivation literally broke ground in Texas this November; that is, it broke ground to plant seeds.

The Austin, Texas-based medical cannabis company received the second license to cultivate cannabis in the state on November 1. The company immediately began the process to plant their low-THC, high-CBD cannabis plants. Compassionate Cultivation is operating a vertically-integrated facility that will focus on growing non-psychoactive CBD plants and using them to create a CBD oil product. 

The company will only be producing low-THC, high-CBD plants and products as allowed under the Texas Compassionate Use Act. The Act was signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott in 2015, but has taken several years to develop and reach this point.

Compassionate Cultivation has partnered with cannabis consulting company MJardin for the operation in Austin. MJardin provides turnkey solutions for cannabis cultivation and licensing, as they are experts in the variety of legal hurdles and cultivation challenges facing cannabis facilities. MJardin currently oversees more than 30 licensed cannabis cultivation operations in 13 states and two countries.

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