Vendtek: The Future Of Vending Machines Is Now

Imagine walking into a local recreational retail location and bypassing the lines of people waiting for customer service. You approach a vending machine, put your money in, and make your selection. The machine dispenses your cannabis product and you are out the door in no time. All without standing in the queue. 

Great dream right? Well, VendTek Wholesale Equipment, Inc., is working to make this dream a reality by breaking into the cannabis industry.

VendTek started in 1961 with full service vending machines. The first machines could take only coins and offered ten candy selections and five beverage selections. The products inside could not be viewed from the outside. Compared to these first machines, VendTek’s new vending machines are close to space age technology.

New Age Vending Technology

The new vending machines take a variety of payments, including bills up to $100, coins, credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and employee access cards. Beverage machines offer up to 40 different selections and snack machines offer up to 45 selections. All choices are visible through a glass front. An internal system robotically delivers the order.

The machines feature guaranteed vending, with products delivered or money refunded instantly. This eliminates the problem of machines taking the money without giving customers their purchases in return.

They also connect to the internet for tracking purposes. They can keep track of who, what, when, where, and how many, when vending. They are also capable of streaming live video of the consumer making a purchase.

Cannabis-Friendly Technology

So, how do new vending technology relate to the cannabis industry? Many of the features built into VendTek vending machines are cannabis industry friendly.

The cost is much lower to do something in an automated fashion rather than paying an employee. A cannabis vending machine can deliver the exact product to a customer at less cost.

VendTek President Tom St. Germain states, “The machine operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, for less than $5 a day. It never gets an attitude, never takes a vacation, never asks for a pay raise, and never comes up short with the money.” So, if customers know what they want and don’t need bud tender advice, this is a great option.

The security features can authenticate consumers, keeping track of who they are, and make transaction notes, including date/time stamping what product it is dispensing. Also, the machine automatically reports inventory.

VendTek’s innovations have made high-tech vending machines that have been ready and waiting for the cannabis industry to catch up to market demands. “Vending machines have been able to dispense items outside of the traditional beverage and snack items for years,” said St. Germain. “[For example,] such items as safety supplies used in factories, medical supplies used by first responders, IT supplies used by various computer-related companies, office supplies for any company out there that uses expensive office supplies such as ink cartridges, and even college bookstore supplies for college campuses.”

St. Germain continued, “With the power of the internet, all these items [can] be vended and tracked, to help curb unwanted usage, abuse and outright theft, while allowing the convenience of 24/7 verified usage.”

Great Customer Service

VendTek offers free no-obligation consultations to prospective customers. The consultations involve discussing a customer’s goals and objectives with a focus on reducing costs, increasing accountability, and intensifying customer satisfaction.

“The vending machine will reliably dispense the desired product to the consumer, without failure, with 100% cash accountability while not using any employees 24/7/365 days a year,” said St. Germain. “It will help free up the lines at the dispensaries for a consumer who comes in knowing exactly what they want.”

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