Designer Megan Stone: Reinventing the Wheel

By Pat Myers

     How does interior design mix with cannabis? Well, it mixes quite nicely. Enter Megan Stone.
     Stone, an interior designer, stepped back and took a long hard look at the industry of cannabis retail. What she found was a business model that was being carried forward from the black market with customers who were viewed as criminals. As a result, Stone made it her mission in life to pioneer a new look in cannabis retail and a new perception of the plant itself.
“As many traditional brick-and-mortar retail concepts struggle to compete with online retailers, the cannabis industry, in contrast, is a brand-new, booming retail segment that relies on physical stores to exist,” says Stone, who has designed more than 25 dispensaries since launching The High Road Design Studio in 2013.
     The High Road Design Studio is a revolutionary business venture that was created by Stone with considerations taken from her personal experience with cannabis, her belief in the benefits of design-thinking and her passion to reframe the misguided perception of a plant that saves lives.
     Stone is using her experience with the many facets of cannabis retail and consumer life as the basis for her designs. The result is High Road’s proven record of designing industry-leading, award-winning dispensaries. 
     High Road is unique worldwide in that it is the only design studio that can offer firsthand knowledge, expertise and a proven track record of excellence in the cannabis retail industry. Stone, herself a medical cannabis patient, holds two college degrees and founded her studio in 2013.
     High Road Design is a full-service design and branding firm that specializes in cannabis retail design. Their services include interior design, branding, space planning, visual merchandising, interior graphics, retail consulting and fixture design and fabrication.
     The cherry on the top is that Stone has won awards for her innovative work in her field.

To list a few:
     2017 Shop! Design Award for Level Up Dispensary, Scottsdale, Arizona;
     2016 Shop! Design Award for Store Fixture at the Tru Med Concentrate Bar, Phoenix, Arizona.  

     And there are many more. “I am deeply humbled and honored to have earned international recognition from VMSD,” said Stone. She added, “I am honored that Level Up is being recognized for the unique retail experience it offers.
     “Cannabis retail stores are the public face of the industry and are where the vast majority of interactions with the cannabis industry happen.
     Store design and design-thinking applied to the cannabis retail experience are the keys that are helping to unlock the new world of legal cannabis and provide the solutions and creativity needed to attract, educate and satisfy 21st century cannabis users.” The High Road Design Studio can be found at 364 S. Farmer Ave., Tempe, Arizona or can be contacted at, or 480-760-1825.
     Megan Stone is an award-winning business owner on a mission to reinvent people’s perceptions of cannabis and what it means to be a cannabis owner.
     “I take great pride in the way my team works with our clients to bring their store visions to life,” said Stone. “Cannabis retailers are true mavericks and we are fortunate to get to serve these clients through our hand-crafted retail environments. But we would not have the success we have had in this space if it weren’t my team’s passion for andintimate knowledge of every facet of the cannabis store environment, and that truly is what makes our projects world-class.”