Nortec has the technology and expertise to meet the needs of any grow facility

Nortec has the technology and expertise to meet the needs of any grow facility

     Relative humidity (RH) is the amount of moisture in the air compared to what the air can hold at that specific temperature.  Humidity levels determine how much water plants will consume.  The dryer the air, the more water the plants will consume.

     Nortec’s humidification and evaporative cooling solutions are perfect for maintaining and creating the perfect environment for plants without wetting. This will aid to achieve the plant’s maximum potential.

     “Our systems are very responsive,” said Valentini, “They allow for absolute humidity control.”

     Young cannabis plants prefer higher humidity levels of 80 to 90% RH. The leaves take water directly from the air to grow foliage, while the plant develops its root system. As the plant matures a lower humidity level, 50 to 70% RH, should be established to prevent formation of mildew or mold.

     RH levels need to be lowered again to between 40 to 60% when plants enter the flowering stage.  Next, plants are cured with a combination of high ventilation, lower temperatures and maintaining RH levels of 45 to 55%.
Nortec’s full line of products can meet the needs of any size and complexity of greenhouse. Our nozzle humidification systems allow the creation of different conditions in various zones of the greenhouse. The nozzles can be placed exactly where they are needed for precise humidity control and evaporative cooling.
Some of the benefits of having precise controlled humidity and evaporative cooling include:

  • Improved plant quality and uniformity
  • Increased germination
  • Reduced stress on plants by eliminating excesses in humidity and temperature
  • Speed up plant growth
  • Protect from freezing and heat shock
  • Eliminates the spread of disease
  • Increase general productivity of the greenhouse
  • Improved working environment for people

     As the leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial humidification systems for more than 40 years, Nortec has the technology and application expertise to meet the needs of any application. For more information, visit our website at or call 1.866.NORTEC1.