Smart Pots

     Smart Pots are an originally designed fabric aeration container for budding plants. The Smart Pots have been designed to enhance the gardening experience by helping to bolster the overall production, size, and quality of your plants.

     The patented fabric designs work and have been used by professional tree growers for 25 years. Due to the boost of support the Smart Pots lend to healthy root growth, almost any plant grows better in the Smart Pots.

     Smart Pots are known to stay cooler during hot days than their plastic counter-parts. The Smart Pots, due to the fact that they are a type of mesh, also provide for better air flow to the roots, and cannabis plant-roots love air. The Smart Pots also cater to better drainage, and provide for a speedier grow due to the fact that the root structure that develops in the Smart Pots is so much healthier than one grown in the ground.

     For urban environments, growing in a container may be the only option, and Smart Pots provide for an easily transported in-door container. Smart Pots are 100% organic, and when compared to a sealed wooden container, easily surpasses due to the lack of chemical sealant.


Plant-Success’s Great White Mycorrhizal Fungus Root Enhancer

     Plant-Success's Great White Mycorrhizal Fungus Root Enhancer provides a formula of different species of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi as well as assorted species of beneficial bacteria and trichoderma all in the same blend. Great White makes several different formulas aim to provide simple application, and results can include better root development, bigger yields as well as better fruiting and flowering.

     Mycorrhizal Fungus helps to make nutrients in the soil more easily available for root absorption. The Mycorrhizal Fungus forms a symbiotic relationship between the root system of the fungi and the roots of the hosting plant. The mycelium (roots) of the fungi cover the roots of the plant and exchange nutrients. The fungus can grow within the roots of the plant and grow out into the soil to find more water and nutrients than the roots of the plant could have found on their own. Great White Mycorrhizal Fungus Root Enhancer basically provides an extension of your plant's root systems allowing them to find more water and nutrients.

     Great White caters to individual orders of small $5 all the way to industrial orders, visit if you're interested or to check out the rest of Plant-Success's products such as the Orca Liquid Mycorrhizae.


Aurora Innovations

     Aurora Innovations is a manufacturing company that started as a greenhouse supply and lighting manufacturer. The company has since shifted it’s focus to growing mixes and fertilizer. Aurora Innovations sources the highest quality ingredients to create a unique approach to plant nutrition.

     Aurora Innovations produces a grow mix called Uprising Grow, which can be added to the soil or dressed atop the soil to increase over all growth of the plant. The mix is derived from a number of nutrients, the key nutrients appearing to be bat guano, worm castings, as well as a mix of mycorrhizae. Bat guano is known to surpass all types of plant foods ranging in categories like taste of the product, to the potency and even the yield of the plants. The worm castings help to make the soil more absorbent and prevent the soil from drying out.

     Aurora Innovations Uprising Bloom mix is a similar mix aimed to be used during the vegetative phase of growth, and can be used in conjunction with the Uprising Grow mix. The Uprising mix utilizes a mix of fish bone meal, bat guano and seabird guano.

     Aurora Innovations also has a liquid mix called Infinity, which is a nutrient blend of soy protein hydrolysate, molasses and bamboo extract. The Infinity mix helps to prevent nutrient deficiencies. Infinity can be mixed with a base fertilizer.


Weed Wipes

     The all natural Weed Wipes brand Resin Remover and Preventer has all of the qualities and cleaning strength of industry standard glass cleaners, and performs as well even though it is made out of all-natural, environmentally safe organic ingredients. The product is a plant-based solution made from renewable cold pressed oils. The kit includes two one-ounce containers of the Weed Wipes solution, a brush for a bong, a brush for a pipe as well as a smaller brush for a vaporizer.

     The instructions call for the user to wet the piece that they are going to clean down with warm water, removing as many bigger chunks as possible. The user must then brush down the inside of the piece with Weed Wipes solution, and then pour dish soap into the piece. The only thing the user must do then is agitate the dish soap and Weed Wipes solution until the piece is clean.

     The Weed Wipes solution has a secondary function that is preventing your piece from getting dirtier. The instructions call for the user to line the piece in Weed Wipes solution for a ratio of 1 drop per inch.

     The Weed Wipes solution does not only work on glass, it works on many other materials such as porcelain, ceramic, metal, plastic, acrylic, paint and wood.

     If you have any further questions or would like to inquire about purchasing Weed Wipes Resin Remover and Preventer, visit their website at or call (303)232-2301.


Accuvape C-Stick

     The Accuvape company is fixed on setting the standard in carcinogen-free inhalation, while keeping the electronic vaporizer kit small and portable. The market for electronic vaporizers is only getting bigger, but so are the physical sizes of the vaporizers. More attention has come to the electric vaporizers, calling for a need for them to be absolutely efficient in vaporizing, for all kinds of materials. More efficiency has caused for clunkier batteries to emerge that are able to pump out the necessary power to vaporize thick concentrates that the run-of-the-mill e-cigarette vaporizer would not be able to handle.

     Accuvape and their “C-Stick” Solid Concentrate kit defeats the emerging trend with a strong, sufficient power from a reasonably sized and sleek design. On top of being small and portable the pen is sturdy. Overall, the pen is easy to use, fits in the palm of your hand and provides for a great consistent vaporization on every use.

     The pen comes with a lifetime battery warranty as well as an extra atomizer, which is about one of the only items that will require maintenance on the device. Instructions are somewhat simple, and similar to other portable vaporizer pens. All in all, the C-Stick Solid Concentrate Vaporizer is a solid product.