Look Back, Look Forward: ABC Oils

By Mat Lee

Ole Willey
President and Founder, ABC Oils

Duane Petzoldt
Managing Partner, Origin Cannabis Company

*Editor's Note*
There was a little confusion as to the strain name. You will hear to it referred to as Dan's World in the interview, and also in the magazine. That name is incorrect. The correct name is Dance World.

Ole Willey at ABC Oils and Schools & Tools has been working nonstop since we spoke with him last at the Imperious Expo. He’s another one of those people in the cannabis industry whose passion for what they’re doing shines through. As educated as he is excitable, Ole Willey is still spreading the good word of clean, safe cannabis extraction methods through his classes. What’s new with ABC Oils and Schools & Tools since we spoke to them last?

Ole Willey is partnering Schools & Tools with Duane Petzoldt and the Origin Cannabis Company—the first cannabis company in Bellevue—to bring webinars on processing and extraction direct from the Origin I502 facility.

Ole said, “Licensees [who] are getting retrained, have bought equipment from somewhere else, or have learned a process from somewhere [are our primary clients].” 

Their secondary clients are licensees who are too busy to leave work for an in-person training. He says it’s helpful to have staff learn the process together, so they have good information on running the proper tools so that, in the end, processing and extraction can be done in a safe and reproducible manner. 

For some people, this is a more effective way to spread knowledge than paper textbooks and classes you have to actually get out of bed to attend. While there’s no substitute for hands-on learning, or repetition to build proficiency, not everyone has the time or money to afford such luxury. For the rest of us, there are online alternatives, such as YouTube videos—which may be enough, depending on the task being learned. 

An oil worker’s life isn’t always all glitz and glamour. Much like glass blowing, it’s an art best left to those with the passion to pursue it, regardless of what state or federal laws might tell you. It’s good that the cannabis industry has people like Ole Willey who are out there spreading knowledge and training the next generation of extractors and processors.

Ole said, “As new things come through our door, we share them, so the first student is as updated as the last student.”

Speaking about the newly formed business relationship between ABC Oils and Origin Cannabis Company, Duane Petzoldt, Managing Partner at Origin said, “It’s one of the greatest things that they’re willing to go at it in a different manner than a lot of companies. They’re essentially open-source, they’re educationally-based, and they’re extremely thorough. They have some intuitiveness into the people that they’re dealing with. I have a teaching degree, and they just do such a fabulous job at taking each individual, or each group and looking at what is needed for that individual group and helping that actually succeed and be executed.”

Duane looked at working with a few other people in the industry over the last year before he hooked up with Ole and ABC Oils, and there’s no question in his mind that this will be a mutually beneficial business relationship—not just for the two of them and their companies, but for the cannabis industry as a whole.

From the ABC Oils side of the I-502 fence, in order to stay compliant in Washington, classes must be taught from the comfortable camera-cozy confines of a licensed I-502 facility. Ole said, “We’re lucky enough to be able to come in and teach the techs, and the [techs teach] the techs. As we upgrade and install and train we'll have that information available to people in a webinar platform.”

Duane said that his company goal is to put out top-shelf products. Origin Cannabis Company already has the top shelf space in a lot of large retail shops in the greater Seattle area. Moving forward, he said they will be some things with ABC Oil in 2017 that will make them more unique. For a business that keeps itself as boutique as its cannabis is green, uniqueness is essential. As with most businesses climbing the ladder of success, they didn’t want to reveal all of their future plans, but one thing they did mention has to do with the strain Dance World. It’s a 10% THC/15% CBD strain with small, dense, resinous bud that both Duane and Ole swear by. To be able to bring that terpene profile to the concentrate and cartridge market via reintroducing it into a clean, winterized distillate is a match made in heaven.

Schools & Tools will also open a store by the Rainier Yacht Club, which will sell scientific equipment as well as serve as a staging area for their design services.