Look Back, Look Forward: Vaporous

By Mat Lee

Christian Rado
President & Founder, Vaporous

Kamo Jurn
Vice President & General Manager, Vaporous

We first met Vaporous President and Founder Christian Rado and Vice President and General Manager Kamo Jurn at the Imperious Expo. They had a cool story and an even better product. They were solving problems that, at the time, were pretty big. Leaky vape pen cartridges nowadays aren’t that common, as long as they come from a reputable company that isn’t just re-selling branded cartridges. But when everyone first got into doing distillate and making vape carts, an awful lot of cartridges leaked all over the place, had wicks that fell out or just didn’t work. By industry estimates, around 3% to 10% leaked. When we last spoke with them, their leak rate was less than 1%, with a goal of .4% by the end of the year. That goal has been met.

Christian Rado said, “The cartridge game is going great. We just got back from our factory in China ... We basically had to get back there to ramp up our production, continue to grow our supply chain and institute some additional [standard operating procedures] (SOPs). Our goal was to be under .4% failure, and the vast majority of our products were already there, which is great. But we still want to be better than that. As this continues to grow, and our customer base grows, and the quantities that they’re ordering continues to grow, even .4% is unacceptable. Let’s be realistic.”

The Vaporous team went to China to handle some on-the-ground adjustments and tweaks. When dealing with manufacturing or an industry that is trying to scale and keep product quality the same, SOPs are important. As much as the majority of the people in the cannabis industry roll their eyes at the very mention of those three letters, SOPs can make or break a company.

Christian Rado said, “Our trip was very fruitful on many levels. We not only were able to increase our supply chain, but increase the quality and add some additional SOPs, which just makes our product better.... We’re never going to say okay, we have a good product here, just make them and sell them. Of course we want to sell products, but for us it’s really important that we’re constantly evaluating what we’re selling, and looking at it from different perspectives, getting feedback from our customers, figuring out if there’s any way we can make the process better.... We’re creating a whole new aspect of an industry that is very young and it’s up to us, or somebody, to take these steps to figure these things out. We just decided that we gotta do our part, and that’s on the hardware and cartridge side. The pen side has been great, too; it’s just that there’s so much more demand for cartridges. That’s where the majority of our business has been so far.”

When asked more about the shift to focus on cartridges, Kamo Jurn said, “We don’t look at people as customers, essentially we’re everyone’s outsourced hardware partner. A lot of people just don’t have the capacity or the ability to hire a bunch of engineers to do this or do that, so they look toward us to do that. Because the majority of the market is in the cartridges and the pens, that’s what we wanted to start off with. But by the middle to the end of next year you’re going to see some new products from us that haven’t even been in the market yet. We’re taking it slow. We’re creating a portfolio of different products, just like taking Christian’s very unique designs and his ability from his previous ventures in automotive and manufacturing QCD, taking everything and making it better, then you’ll see some really original new Vaporous-only products come to the market.

The Vaporous team has a lot of exciting stuff coming to market in the next year, but as much as they would like to tell us all about it right now, they are biting their tongues, but definitely not biding their time. We’ll be sure to tell you all about it when that time comes.

In the meantime, if you have something you or your company is working on that you can’t quite seem to figure out in regard to vape technology or race cars, you can contact Christian and Kamo and they will help. Kamo said, “If [someone is] looking for something really interesting they haven’t found the right person for, we’re happy to take a look at it. We’re part of you guys.”