Look Back, Look Forward: Four Cool Cannabis Companies

By Mat Lee

Here at the CannaBiz Journal, we interview a lot of companies. Some of them are still in business, and some of them have faded into the night. That’s just how business goes. The cannabis industry is no different, other than the extra hurdles business owners and operators must jump in order to do what they do. Take a look at a place like Montana, for example. Their industry has been built and destroyed multiple times—something that people running cannabis industry businesses have to deal with. At least for now.

Montana is just one example we’ve seen since the CBJ began publication in April 2015. In other states, business has been booming. Innovation is in no short supply as a technologically-forward Silicon Valley-type thinking feeds the machine of industry. After all, where do you think most of these great ideas come from? The muse is but a symbol for the higher creative mind in action, fueled by an endocannabinoid system that does best when fully primed. This is where it starts. This is the primordial canvas.

Every company has the potential to be great when made up of great people, but that doesn’t mean they will all survive in the market. The market is a competitive and hasty beast, not easily quelled by the likes of gimmicks and faux ingenuity. Not for long at least. As you watch month to month, some stay and some go. Trends develop, and hype is built. Is it a good idea? Is it useful? Does it solve a problem or help educate or raise the standard of society in any way, shape or form? 

The people who make up these four companies—which we previously covered—have continued to innovate when others have gone silent or just settled in stale space. They all have left a positive impression on the people they’ve met, and the businesses they’ve interacted with.

These are listed in no particular order. Click the link to go to the article. I'm including each interview as it's own piece with the article it goes with, so you can listen to them individually.

At the end of this article, I've included the audio from all four interviews in one mp3, in case you want to listen to them all at one go while you read the print article.

Christian Rado and Kamo Jurn - Vaporous

Ole Willey - ABC Oils & Duane Petzoldt - Origin Cannabis Company

Leah D’Ambrosio - Baked Smart

Chris Lively - OCO Labs