My Urban Greenhouse

By Rachel Grimsley

With the popularity of organic farming as well as medical and recreational marijuana legalization booming across the country, it’s only a matter of time before every house in the neighborhood has its own grow system. The only problem is that many people don’t have the time or knowledge necessary to maintain a garden, let alone an entire grow operation.

With My Urban Greenhouse, it’s now possible for just about anyone to grow their own plants with ease in the comfort of their own home. Brandon Castles, representative of the business at the 2016 Oregon Grower’s Fair, informed reporter Mat Lee about an all-in-one growing system that provides all the materials needed to achieve a successful grow-op, while leaving a minimal carbon footprint.

My Urban Greenhouse was originally created as both aquaponic and hydroponic systems intended to grow food. As state laws changed, the company saw potential in reaching out with their specialized products toward the ever-expanding marijuana industry. Their products are primarily intended for home use, but the company’s expertise has also proved helpful in building multiple medical and recreational grow operations across Oregon. As more states legalize, My Urban Greenhouse is shifting their design aesthetic to create a more streamlined, sleek style to meet both physical and functional demands.

The system is controlled by timers, making it easy to maintain the grow process without having to intensely monitor each step. In fact, it only takes about 10 minutes per week to maintain the system. Once a week, the grower adds water to the reservoir, as well as a scoop of the included nutrients—and the machines do the rest of the work. The nutrients are specially optimized to buffer and balance the pH levels in the water so it doesn’t have to be regularly tested. Every step beyond that is automated, making it nearly impossible to add additional stress or agitate the plants in a way that could jeopardize their growth rates or quality.

This is just the beginning of a line of systems built to make hydroponic food and cannabis growth a staple of the household. My Urban Greenhouse offers a great solution to growth problems revolving around lack of maintenance, dehydration or high levels of stress. The company is also a fantastic option to assist with Washington’s newly established two-to-four person grow cooperatives. With countless applications for My Urban Greenhouse’s unique, convenient and efficient grow systems, it’s likely that this business will become very popular country- and, potentially, world-wide.