Joshua Haupt: Three a Light and Success Nutrients

Joshua Haupt: Three a Light and Success Nutrients

By: Ryan Wayne Augusta

Labeled “the Steve Jobs of marijuana” in Denver, Colorado, Joshua Haupt tells us he’s been blessed with many spokes in the wheel of cannabis. Haupt is an owner of a handful of businesses. With his revolutionary and disruptive impact to the industry, it’s easy to recognize similarities to how Steve Jobs influenced his niche market. Haupt tells us he’s best under pressure and even thrives on it. Haupt explained to us in detail how his methods are innovative, unique and different from other grow operations. Out of this have come a line of nutrients and a book.

Haupt recognized that no nutrient line had been developed specifically for the cannabis plant. Haupt was concerned that the products available at the time were made so that corporations could thrive, rather than so gardens could simply do well. Inspired by this thought, Haupt created a nutrient line that caters to cannabis. Haupt describes his nutrient line—Success Nutrients—as, “built for gardens to sell and to do well for themselves.”

Haupt is a grower, first and foremost. Because of his success in producing larger yields, while sustaining exceptional quality, friends asked him to teach them. Haupt said he figured “What was good for you, is good for me.” He claims that his methods can produce much larger yields than his competition.

When his friends were only able to yield a pound, he provided them with the consultation they needed to thrive—with a simple A to Z format rather than an over-the-top comprehensive system. Haupt stated that “making things too difficult doesn't contribute to your ability to produce results.”

The idea of Haupt’s book Three a Light arose from this consultation. Haupt initially provided “cheat sheet” manuals and helped his friends. He quickly realized that there wasn’t a book in the market to provide such step-by-step knowledge. Haupt has developed unique practices and surprising methods, and delivered them all to our fingertips in this compendium of knowledge. He presents them in a way that a college freshman could understand.

Haupt suggested that after just a few of harvests the reader will become a master grower. The book recently met the benchmark of 1000 copies sold. Haupt has elegantly delivered every step needed to produce outstanding results. This resource is a priceless gift to a budding facility.

The Three a Light compendium is delivered with the Success Nutrients needed to see these results. Success Nutrients and the Three a Light deliver power and authority to both inexperienced and experienced growers alike. Together they provide the ability to replicate wondrous results.

Since its inception the method has been covered by High Times magazine three times, once by Cannabis Now and twice by Dope magazine. Haupt tells us he that has been approached by Conan O'Brien and Playboy. Haupt has taken great strides and is expected to continue to receive positive attention for his work.

In addition to Three a Light and Success Nutrients, Haupt also owns two very large grows in Colorado. By following these innovative and unique strategies, Joshua Haupt continues to produce three times the industry average. The facilities in Aurora and Denver allow him to employ 80 friends. Haupts tells us that although the price per pound fell, he was able to thrive in  the market because of this higher efficiency.

Haupt now produces 100 to 150 pounds every two to five days—for up to a half ton every month. (That's a half ton of top shelf, superior quality cannabis.) He stated, “It doesn't matter how full the market is. If you can shoot threes like Steph Curry, they’re going to make room for you. There's always room for you in any industry.”

When he first began compiling the information for his book, he asked some chemists to fact-check the nutrients. After determining what was being fed to plants, he realized that the nutrients out there “were all bogus.”  He claimed that the chemists reported that those nutrients contained food coloring and preservatives and that these companies over-reported the percentage of nutrients actually contained in their products. After learning this, Haupt didn’t feel  that he could endorse any existing nutrient line in his book.

He then set out to create a nutrient line that contains the essential macro- and micronutrients an appropriate nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium levels needed for cannabis plants to excel, but without food coloring or a lot of preservatives. This was the dawn of Success Nutrients.

Three a Light’s food and recipe chapter refers to such nutrients as essential. Haupt shared one technique created specifically for cannabis that is in the book, called Shilaz. It requires the grower to remove all fan leaves from the plant on day one of flowering so, “it looks like a cactus.” According to Haupt, the fan leaves are packed full of macro- and micronutrients that feed the plant and must then be replaced in the feed line to avoid deficiency.

Haupt performed side-by-side quantitative and qualitative measurements in a comparative analysis of the leading competitor’s nutrient line to Success Nutrients, in a 36-light, 18x18 grow. Using the same genetics and the same room, each half of the room was fed a different nutrient line. In total, the room delivered 120 total pounds of cannabis. The half that was fed the leading competitor’s nutrient line produced 52 lbs and the half fed the Success Nutrient line produced a yield of 68 lbs.

Joshua Haupt is excited about the potential growth of the industry. He speculated that we will see a tip in the federal stance on cannabis within the next 48 months. Three a Light has been delivered internationally to as far away as Cambodia, Israel and Iran. We can only expect further success from Joshua Haupt. We commend him for his contribution to the industry.

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