CannaWorld Canada Moving Towards Legalization

Story by Patrick Myers

     The Canadian Federal government is hoping to begin the process of legalizing cannabis in 2017.
     The Canadian Health Minister Jane Philpott has expressed that “We know it’s impossible to arrest our way out of this particular problem.” Philpott has said the Canadian law will ensure marijuana is kept away from children and keep criminals from profiting from its sale.
     Police have admitted that until the legislation is enacted, law enforcement officers will find themselves in an awkward position, especially in instances of simple possession. The regulation is set to be introduced in spring of 2017. Law enforcement is emphasizing that until the law changes, marijuana remains illegal except for medicinal purposes. The announcement came on April 20 during a special United Nations Session that was centered on drug problems around the world.
      Medical marijuana has been legal in Canada since 2001. As a consequence of a “legal scare” the medical marijuana growers have had a gap in sales due to a number of illegal dispensaries operating and taking their business away.