CannaKudos Washington Marijuana Production Facility B.M.F. Takes Home Dope Cup

Story by Patrick L. Myers

     B.M.F., a marijuana production facility in Raymond Washington, has earned the Washington Dope Cup Award for their Strawberry Mango Haze in the Best Sativa bracket.  They also entered in the Best Solventless Concentrate. 
     Director of Horticulture Derek Pedrazzetti had this to say,”We entered in Best Sativa and Best Solventless Concentrate. They didn’t bother to rank second or third places, so we only won Best Sativa with our Strawberry Mango Haze Sativa flour.”   He went on to explain how they ended up in the Dope Cup competition. “We registered online and then we paid $350 per sample that we sent in.  In order to send in a sample you have to have it tested and labeled as a Dope Cup sample.”
     Pedrazzetti talked about how they selected the Strawberry Mango Haze strain.   “After growing everything we have here we have certain ones that stand out and Strawberry Mango Haze is something that really stands out to everybody here at B.M.F. because it’s so flavorful and so terpy. The smelliest and tastiest pot we have. It’s basically a house favorite and it has a look so we just figured it’s the one,” said Pedrazzetti.
     B.M.F. also enterd into the Best Solventless Concentrates category with their Training Day Solvent Free Rosin, but they didn’t receive first place and no other places were determined. According to Pedrazzetti, B.M.F. had little time to prepare for their Dope Cup entry, “The cup snuck up on us this year,” said Pedrazzetti, “this year it was a week before the deadline that we decided to send our Strawberry Mango Haze in.”
     Pedrazzetti sites that B.M.F. is slated to enter into more categories for the 2017 Dope Cup as well as into other competitions.
Pedrazzetti also described the event, “The cup was almost like a festival but there was a lot of networking going on. There were production facilities and recreational shop owners there. It was pretty enjoyable. There’s a panel of five judges that had everything tested and sampled before the cup. It was pretty laid back,” said Pedrazzetti.
     As for any advice to others looking to compete in Dope Cup, Pedrazzetti stated that you must simply be confident in your product.