KannaKudos Miller's Marijuana

Story by Michael Hagar

     Whether you’re a medicinal marijuana patient looking for CBD-heavy marijuana products, an avid recreational consumer seeking out the latest and greatest strains, or an international traveler with an open mind simply passing through the region, for the love of all that is good and green on this Earth you’ve got to stop in at Miller’s Marijuana. The store is located along US Highway 12 East between Elma and Oakville, Washington, in the small rural town of Porter, and features the lowest cannabis prices in the state of Washington. In order to investigate this claim we at CannaBiz Journal took a journey out to Miller’s on a sunny morning to talk to the owners, customers, and employees.
     No matter what direction you’re traveling from, the drive to Miller’s Marijuana runs along the border of Capitol Forest and is absolutely beautiful. Inside the store you’ll find a plethora of cannabis products, a friendly environment, and knowledgeable staff waiting to serve your needs. Afterwe took a look at the inside of the store and browsedthe numerous flowers, edibles, concentrates, topicals and even transdermal patches, the owners of Miller’s—Josh and Mindy Miller—were gracious enough to sit down with us and discuss the uniqueness of their store.
     The first way in which Miller’s Marijuana stands out from the crowd lies in their color-coding scheme. The store uses the color green to indicate a product that is Indica-heavy, red is used for Sativa-heavy products to signify “use cautiously”, and yellow/blue are used to signify hybrid products. Over 100 different kinds of products are often available for purchase, and Miller’s does a great job at keeping their selection full of customer favorites while providing opportunities to try something new. While visiting the store, we discovered a number of popular brands found in other recreational stores and others that we hadn’t seen anywhere else to date.
     Another business practice of Miller’s Marijuana that many customers appreciate is the inclusion of all taxes in the prices of their products, both online at Allbud and Weedmaps and physically at the store. This out-the-door pricing makes it easy to know exactly how much you’re going to pay for a product without having to do any math on sales tax, and is similar to how some stores sell liquor in Washington these days.
     Last but certainly not least, Josh and Mindy explained to us how they’ve managed to keep their prices so low. Contrary to our initial assumptions, we were informed that there is no secret behind the low prices at Miller’s Marijuana. The products they purchase for their store come in at exactly the same price that other dispensaries pay for them. Rather than inflate prices based on THC content, a practice common throughout Washington, the Millers keep prices low by selling a high volume of product at a lower profit margin than their competitors and by treating their customers as people rather than just another wallet passing through. Many of their customers are regulars from the surrounding area. However, we were told that people from all over the world and throughout the state of Washington have made their way to Miller’s. One customer we talked to said he drives 90 miles to get there and each trip is well worth it.
     On a final note, it was interesting to learn that during the growing phases of the legal cannabis industry in Washington, many online social media pages containing references to marijuana or featuring photos of marijuana and derived products were taken down by platforms such as Facebook. After experiencing this headache a number of times, the Millers decided to focus on advertising elsewhere. The store is no longer active on Facebook or even Leafly, but can still be found on Weedmaps and Allbud, where they’ve received incredibly positive reviews from their customers and even feature a photo of Josh and Mindy with Tommy Chong himself.
     We at CannaBiz Journal would like to thank Josh and Mindy Miller and staff at Miller’s Marijuana for their hospitality, their commitment to providing high-quality and low priced cannabis products to the public, and remaining steadfast and honest in the face of crony capitalism and questionable business practices plaguing this state. We’ve visited countless retail stores across the Pacific Northwest and price-matched countless menus, but none of them can lay claim to having the best prices in Washington—only Miller’s Marijuana. Kudos and thanks to the entire Miller family!