CannaProfile Charbie Manufacturing LLC

Story by Michael Hagar

     One of the newest arrivals to the cannabis concentrate scene that is quickly growing in popularity is rosin. Rather than blasting a batch of buds with your hydrocarbon of choice in an open or closed loop system, rosin is created by using two simple principles: heat and pressure. You’ve probably seen videos of individuals using hair straighteners to produce miniscule amounts of rosin online, but if you want to be serious about the process you’ll have to invest in a rosin press.
     Rosin Tech Products, GoRosin and Tarik Rosin are a few names that might ring a bell, but at the Imperious Expo + Directory one company, Charbie Manufacturing LLC (Charbie MFG) has decided to step into the professionally engineered rosin press market. I’m not sure whether it was the sound of the hydraulic system, the shine of quality stainless steel or the video of golden goodness pouring out on the TV screen that drew my attention, but one thing for sure is that these systems are worth a look.
     Charbie MFG is located in Bellingham, Washington, where they design and manufacture professional grade rosin presses for the cannabis industry. From small scale at-home extractions for medical purposes to large scale production, chances are that Charbie MFG has a product for you.
     During the expo their booth contained all three members of their current product line, which are known as “Hebe,” “Hera,” and “Zeus.”
     Hebe is the smallest unit and weighs in at 250 lbs. A hydraulic manual press, Hebe uses a 6”x 6” 01 tool steel press plate and is capable of producing 24,000 lbs of pressure. It also features dual heating plates and a digitally controlled operational temperature range between 0-572° F, requires a 120V single phase power connection and ships with parchment paper for your extraction needs. It is priced at only $4000. Hebe is one of the most lucrative options available in the rosin press market.
     Hera is the company’s mid-range offering. It weighs 350 lbs and has the same power requirements, operating temperature range and pressure limit as Hebe, but comes with a 6”x8” pressure plate and requires an air compressor for operation. This press also differs in that it has a fully automatic press cycle and can be operated hands-free. Hera also features a heat indicator light and emergency stop/lift button. Priced at $9000, Hera is a welcome addition to the rosin press world.
     Zeus is the largest and most impressive rosin press built by Charbie MFG. Weighing in at 495 lbs and sporting a 20 ton pressure limit, Zeus is a definite advancement in rosin press technology. It comes equipped with the same features as Hera but sports the largest pressure plate on the market at 6”X 18.” Zeus is priced at $16,300.
     The yields on these presses vary based on the material being processed. Charbie MFG typically sees return floors of 10% with trim, 15% with flower and 40% with kief. Two ounces of material can be processed in slightly over two minutes, and all you have to do to clean the unit is wait for it to cool after use and wipe down the press plates. All Charbie MFG products ship with a lifetime warranty on the frame and one year warranty on all working parts. The company also offers consultations and large scale production installation services. For more information on Charbie MFG, visit their website at or call (360) 325-9812.