Extreme Dab Research Foundation

Ever get curious to see what our writers are doing while out on assignment? Downtime happens, especially when plans don't quite work out as expected. But they always make the most of it to create fun experiences and stories, and extra content like this to share with you all.

In this video we take you on a journey through a small piece of beautiful Alaskan outdoor goodness to see what it's like to dab on a glacier. Did the EDR crew bring the right fuel mixture for the extreme glacier climate? Did they even bring poles or spikes for their boots, or boots for that matter? You can see more pictures and video on Mat's Instagram feed.

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, Alaska Weed Week was cancelled. Our plane tickets however were not, so we reached out to a couple of friends in the industry, and they introduced us to the Director of Alaska Hempfest, Niki Rappana. Niki told us that if we wanted to see the real Alaska, we would have to get out of Anchorage.

Well, tell a bunch of content creators that, and offer them a teepee to stay in at The Extreme Climate Housing School while out on the adventure, and of course we couldn't say no. We ended up putting over 500 miles on the SUV, one flat tire, dabbed in several beautiful Alaska locations, and met several amazing people on the journey. All thanks to the generosity of an off grid group of people living the real American dream, if there ever was such a thing.

You can see the full album of this trip on Mat's Google Photo's page, and keep an eye out for more articles from the trip in an upcoming print issue of the CannaBiz Journal.