Kim Kole

Kim Kole is the Director of Communications on the board of the Coalition for Responsible Cannabis Legislation. Their goal is to help promote the political side of the industry, like forming regulations. She then became Secretary and board member of the Alaska Marijuana Industry Association, an organization focused on creating the best economic climate for industry businesses and consumers.

Kim Kole of AMCA discusses what is a plant officially, hydro v. soil, root structures and how the police will moderate these legal restrictions. The discussion continues to cover growing, advocating, and the right to privacy.

Community opinions about public space, the rights to assist in the facilitation of a cannabis enterprise by people over the age of 21 in a grow also. Public consumption fines, endorsement fees, and a brief clarification on campers and personal property are also delivered. State park regulations and a variety of other restrictions were clearly presented.

Federal property was defined clearly and mutually examined amid rights of assembly at an open establishment. In this on site consumption was thoroughly captured. Retail establishments and the future of proposed regulations are key to the marijuana control board. Cultivation and tagging were also on the table of insight.