Max Montrose

On the spot with The Trichome Institute window cling, and filling the CannaCon Alaska halls with Industry wide motivations Max Montrose speaks level one and level two certification, cannabis judging quality, and gives a how to of measuring what most view a subjective standard. Montrose outlines a future of employment that gives an industry level 3 qualified certified interpeners, weed experts. Working and referencing experiences in Colorado State testing authorities Montrose defines what matters, imploring a standard measure of meaning to scales scientifically detailing the visual points of cannabis.

Max also gives us an introduction to consumption as part of analysis. Max shares with us his weed grading calculator. His usage of microscopic photography, shows trichomes and pictures of colas. These are referred to as input data points, each phase is graded differently, cumulatively as non subjective reliability. Max has an obvious vision that thousand of dispensaries will all consider themselves a responsible certified vendor. Coining, "Graded Bud, double blind."

Painting us a multi-billion dollar landscape of an industry that “has never had a way to measure how much it's individual units cost.”  From spider mites and mildew to the best of the best were all concerns of Max Montrose. A methodology offering a unique perspective of accountability. Closing with hopes to isolate the specific strains of cannabis to treat PTSD. Max couldn't let us go without furthering our ideas of Myrcene degradation and live hydrocarbon theory.