ABC Oils Schools and Tools

It’s fun when you interview someone who is as passionate about what they are doing as I am about reporting on it. Mat Lee was recently on location in Tacoma Washington for the Imperious Expo + Directory where I had a chance to speak with many people who fit this description. Ole Willey from ABC Oil is one such individual. He’s so into it, in fact, that he started teaching clear classes.

If you don’t know, clear is the more refined concentration that people call THC distillate these days. We probably have The Clear to thank for that. They were ahead of the game, not so much in the processing or flavoring of THC distillate, but in the way it was branded and marketed to the public. Not everyone gets as excited as Ole Willey and me when we hear the word “distillate.”

Ole is part of the subset of the cannabis industry working in the consulting/teaching/tool/terpene business. It is the business of extraction and refinement, and business is good. So what does the ABC in ABC Oils stand for?

Alcohol, Butane, and of course, CO2. The trifecta of components  that make up the majority of extraction methods. Ole Willey and ABC Oils have designed something called Schools & Tools. Take the class and you’ll learn how to safely extract and concentrate cannabis oil. But they don’t stop there.

You’ll get a good primer on everything from rosin to purge ovens, packaging, product development, and of course everyone’s favorite cannabis buzzword right now, terpenes! Do you want to know how to reintroduce terpenes into your distillate? Or perhaps how to enhance other products with terpenes? They cover that too.

They also design the product platforms, kitchens and laboratories, thus closing the loop on the knowledge you acquire from the classes. Speaking of classes, they are offered in Washington, Oregon, and Vancouver, BC. If you want to chat with Ole Willey, give him a call at 206-234-1781 or find them online at