CannaProfile, Duber Cannabis Tech Breaking Ground

Story by Mat Lee

     Duber is in the technology game which, if it wasn’t apparent from their booth setup, was definitely palpable when we had our conversation. So what’s Duber all about? They want to smooth out the entire supply chain. Let’s face it, if you are a retailer, your bits and bytes are a mess right now.
     At first glance, Duber looks like something out of a cannabis-centric self-checkout line at some sort of futuristic cannabis quickie mart. The large screens with bright colorful information glowing into your eyeballs quickly grabs attention. The front end of the customer version incorporates an ID scanner, a fingerprint scanner—if you choose, a printer that will create a Duber user card, and a ticket you can bring up to a human budtender for checkout. Seth calls it a full cash recycling system that complements budtenders rather than trying to replace them. A budtender’s assistant, if you will.
     These screens aren’t just there to try and sell you something. They can also offer a vast array of information about what products can be found at a given shop. Helpful tidbits of cannabis consumer knowledge arranged and displayed in an easily digestible format and lab results?
     Yes, please! They remind me of something out of a Verizon store, the way information is displayed about things you might like to know—because it knows you are there for a reason. The reason in this case? To get some good quality cannabis, and maybe even learn a thing or two in the process.
     The setup they let us demo (and yes, I now have my Duber card) took us through what it would be like for a new customer to walk up to the machine and use it from start to finish. If you want to watch the video, check it out on our YouTube channel.
     As you might guess, the system is completely I-502 compliant. In fact, the LCB sent them seven fake IDs, and the system was able to catch all seven.
     Rounding out the consumer-facing side of the recent Duber offerings is the Duber App. This was done natively, so hopefully it will run more smoothly than apps that are strictly web-based.
     Unfortunately we weren’t able to try that out, but they say you will be able to do preorders and eventually get home delivery.
     On the business-facing side—the side you would administer as a store owner—Duber comes equipped with several tools to make your job much easier. They offer real time inventory tracking, some smart behind-the-scenes machine learning magic, and eventually will be able to be used as an ATM and allow for vendor-to-vendor payments. What do you think you know about self-generated ads? This system does that too.
     Tech geeks like me will be interested to know they are running Chrome Webviews on the large TVs and Windows 7 embedded on the kiosks that run on a Ruby on Rails Amazon back end.
     I should note that while it scanned my ID just fine, it did have an issue scanning my associate’s ID, which is also a Montana ID. If you are familiar with tech demos, you know that’s par for the course. Anytime you have a product ready to show someone else that involves some sort of magical technology, there’s bound to be a gnome in there trying to mess it up.
     If you would like more information, you can find them online at You can also call them toll free at 800-501-8934. You should be able to find them in cannabis stores here soon, including Clear Choice Cannabis, Satori, Local Roots, and Uncle Ike’s, to name a few.