CannaReview, Big Book of Buds: GREATEST HITS

Story by Ryan Augusta

     With an eager tenderness Ed Rosenthal lays before us another beloved compilation of sweet cannabis. Beyond a collection of 95 quintessential strains each of the selected 95 genomes are artfully presented in excellent detail. A hint of Dao resides in it’s informative pages as Rosenthal puts forth a gleaning masterpiece. The author includes a breadth of intrinsic detail that is often forgotten in encyclopedic references.
     Ranging from a plant’s spiritual applications to the eclectic methodology of it’s growth there is nothing left from the 248 pages. The reader is delivered a historic pathology; a guide that layers fluid descriptions with generous tidbits of splendor. In an obvious gesture of appreciation we can recognize the great time and careful consideration that’s invested into compiling this explorative walkthrough. Labeling this a “Greatest Hits” is humble insight of this author’s devotion. Ed Rosenthal has successfully captured the essence and fundamental roots of cannabis.
     As I turned from one amazing page to the next I expected to find where the author had fallen into repetition from the obvious arduous path of acknowledging each and every strain. To my surprise, though surely there were commonalities between each of them, Ed Rosenthal was able to find a unique characteristic for almost each of the chosen 95 cannabis representatives. Sometimes one of the strains would have a unique history of cultivation, or inside the narrative would be the keenest instructions on how to produce the greatest yield. I felt the entire time that my novice excitement and professional sensitivities were being satiated within each page’s method of engagement.

     The attention to detail is not only represented clearly by the author, but is married perfectly with lilting photography, and sealed tight with every metric measurable. I was pleased to find critical information clearly outlined. Details such as the hours of darkness by geographic latitude were outlined clearly and all the questions we used to hide in a garage to ask are all shared freely in this extraordinary cannabis guide. If you’re ever planning to build a garden you’ll soon have questions about lighting and yield that are often obscure. There’s now no need to to get lost in volumes upon volumes of irrelevant information. Here’s one book to lead them all.