Lyon Pride Music

By: Max Davis

Lyon Pride Music, a music and marketing company out of Washington, is becoming well-known for promoting cannabis companies in the industry, as well as artists of various music genres.

A pioneer in the advertising industry, Lyon Pride Music has the distinction of writing the first marijuana advertisement to air on commercial radio. Their venture started with KGRG-FM, a rock radio station at a community college in the city of Auburn, Washington. They began to really pick up speed about 10 years ago when Lyon Pride Music forged a partnership with iHeartMedia writing radio advertisements—a job they still do to this day.

Their horizons didn’t stop expanding there. With the trust of iHeartMedia that they had built up over the years, Lyon Pride Music and iHeartMedia took a leap of faith in airing their first commercial advertisement for a cannabis shop two years ago. That advertisement was an overwhelming success, multiplying the shop’s original revenue almost five times in less than a year.

Advertising is just one facet of this versatile company. Lyon Pride Music has gotten involved with many different economic and philanthropic opportunities. With experience in concert promotion, they sponsored the first annual “EvergreenFest” on September 17, 2016, with Hempfest, at the White River Amphitheater in Auburn. It was an overwhelming success. With performances from Matisyahu, House of Pain, Layzie Bone and even Afroman, there was a great energy at the event. Over 50 vendors were there, expanding all fields of the cannabis industry.

Lyon Pride Music also organizes meet-and-greets with recreational cannabis stores and artists. Two Five Trees and Clear Choice Cannabis, recreational cannabis stores in Tacoma, Washington, got involved. Two Five Trees spent every cannabis smokers’ annual holiday, April 20th, with Bubba Sparxxx, while Clear Choice Cannabis got to spend some quality time before Christmas with Snoop Dogg.

Another service this company has added to its repertoire is party buses. Safely taking party-goers to their events, the three party buses are all differently themed. One has a disco dance ball, a second is darker and the third has a fully-equipped stage for a DJ.

An exciting new venture Lyon Pride Music is working on is THE DEN Alternative Center, —nonprofit program in Tacoma. Lyon Pride Music has recently worked on turning a 14,000 sq. ft. warehouse  into a space to nurtures nontraditional careers, such as skateboarding, music, audio engineering, sculpting, blowing glass, film, photography, and event engineering. Future plans include a 4000 sq. ft. street-style skatepark; a live concert hall; 10 band rehearsal rooms; art rooms and art walls; a live glassblowing studio; a graphic design and media center and photography and video green screen space.

“There will be a lot of scholarships, so it will be free for most kids.” said Zachary “Grizzly” Rodriguez, co-owner of Lyon Pride Music. Leaving a lot of music, exposure and education in its wake, Lyon Pride Music is beginning to blaze a trail for the cannabis industry.