What's Legal Oregon?

By Carte Bisbee

Astoria, Oregon, a small town caressed by the tides of the Pacific Ocean, sits at the mouth of the Columbia River. This Pacific Northwest gem is notable for its romantic scenery and beloved Megler Bridge. Just like in the rest of the Northwest, cannabis has spread its contagious energy into the roots of this town. In the shop windows of downtown Astoria a brightly-colored poster exclaims: What’s Legal?

Whatslegaloregon.com is an informative website established by the state to educate about the recreational marijuana law. The layout is user-friendly and consists of nine boxes that can be clicked on to provide more information on different subjects. Some of the laws in Oregon that limit individuals may come as a surprise. For example, some, but not all, dispensaries sell recreational marijuana. (The website provides a link to a list of dispensaries that do sell recreational cannabis in Oregon.) The state’s motto regarding cannabis use is “educate before you recreate.” This is a short but powerful message to spread the word about cannabis in Oregon. The website also has animated pictures of every subject involving legality in Oregon.

First, the website refers to laws that are familiar in both Washington and Colorado. For example, people must be 21 years of age or older to consume or possess marijuana, and those who are old enough may not smoke publicly, although they may possess up to an ounce in public. In addition, recreational users may possess up to eight ounces of marijuana and grow four plants per residence. Oregon began accepting business licenses for recreational dispensaries, processors and marijuana wholesale growing on January 4, 2016.

The website also addresses restrictions regarding marijuana. A medical dispensary may sell only four immature marijuana plants at any one time to the same person between October 1, 2015, and December 31, 2016. The site emphasizes that people should not drive under the influence in Oregon and that there are laws regarding marijuana when crossing state lines. It is strictly illegal to take cannabis out of Oregon.

Whatslegaloregon.com is a user-friendly website that simply shares facts about Oregon law regarding recreational marijuana. While recreational cannabis is currently only sold on a limited basis in medical dispensaries, recreational shops are expected to open by the end of the year.

Whatslegaloregon.com can be accessed not only on the web, but also through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.