Julabo Reaction Solutions

By Ryan Wayne Augusta

The Cannabis Science Conference provided an introduction to Julabo USA Product Manager, Mark Diener. Julabo creates a variety of solutions for different processes within the cannabis industry, such as temperature control instruments for butane processes that require cold temperatures. Julabo provides low temperature circulators with -50℉ and -60℉ that can accommodate cold temperature circulation. 

Diener reports that he has seen greater interest in reactions’ solution this quarter, as well as in glassware used predominantly for the ethanol extraction process. A few examples of Julabo reactors are benchtop models from five liters in capacity up to 100-liter glass systems. Also available from the company are 200-liter stainless steel systems. In addition, an array of heated stir plates also make their inventory shine. 

Julabo has incorporated infrared heating in their hot plates—a feature that is unique in the new cannabis market. Julabo units are designed so they don’t create a heat ring around the edge. Some previous models were problematic, and Julabo provided solutions ranging from electric heating models to a variety of different vacuum pump diaphragm oil-free control systems.

For short path extraction on any scale temperature consistency is important. Diener advises us that tap water has inconsistent water temperatures, but Julabo has created ways to cool a condenser, which greatly affect the distillation tower circulator. With Julabo, once set, it will maintain the same temperature every time.

Julabo is a family-owned company. The founder has two sons who help run the company, one of whom suggested that the company try marketing at a cannabis expo. The results were far better than expected: Since that expo the company was able to develop partnerships in the industry and launched Julabo Reaction Solutions in August of 2015.

With the introduction of glassware components, Julabo has grown larger than anticipated. They were one of the first companies at the conference with the equipment that is complementary to the processes they also support. Julabo has been very successful at specializing in temperature control units and reactors.

Their equipment products are geared to cater to broader solutions for cannabis processing, as well as the flavors and fragrance industries or others that require a natural extraction process. Julabo is currently expanding their glassware product line with additional features for reactor systems and also adding a full line of general laboratory glassware including beakers, flasks, round bottoms and anything else you may need.