True Liberty Bags

Getting The Cannabis Industry In The Bag

Story by Patrick L. Myers

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Non-cannabis related entrepreneurs have more of a chance in the cannabis industry than they probably realize; there are aspects of some pre-existing businesses that can be applied to the cannabis industry as it grows into a budding industrial market. One benefit of hitching a ride on the cannabis industry bandwagon is that it’s new.  Big business has failed to established a strong foothold facilitating small business ventures to blossom and have a chance of growing with it.

 A shining example of a business that has successfully applied themselves to the cannabis industry is True Liberty Bags, founded in 2009 by Jennifer Roldan. Jennifer Roldan took the time to speak with Cannabiz Journal to lend insight into what a successful business looks like and how it’s adapted itself to the cannabis industry.

“I have a great amount of appreciation for the contribution of my partner with this business even though he’s not at the forefront of the business he has had a major influence. One of my favorite things about working for TLB is the team, it feels like a team and they’re diverse,” said Jennifer Roland.

True Liberty Bags is based in Windsor, California and offers “The Original All-Purpose Home and Garden Bags” in various sizes and volumes.  Recently True Liberty Bags introduced “True Liberty Vacs” which feature a new line of vacuum sealers equipped with a gas-purge option built in. The True Liberty Bags have a wide variety of uses within the cannabis industry and naturally found a niche in the market. As demand grows, industrial size bags have even been added to their selection of products. True Liberty started out with Turkey sized bags, and after gathering feedback from customers, started manufacturing larger bags to fit industry needs.

Roldan explained why they selected the cannabis industry to launch their new line “Essentially, we saw the need within the industry and filled it. True Liberty Bags has been offering bags through Hydro-Garden and Hardware retail stores since the beginning, as we were the first to introduce an industrial quality, smell-proof product to farmers in this industry, and now have become the industry standard of bags for quality producers and processors when it comes to curing, long-term storage, and safe transport,” said Roldan.

One of the major pieces of advice that Roldan focused on was to not overextend yourself as an new entrepreneur.

 “The best advice I can give as an owner of a company is to do what you love and the money will come. Now seriously, pay and trust the experts to do the work that they do,” said Roldan. Entrepreneurs often try to do everything; don’t do everything. Pay your experts to do the work that they do.

If you’re still wondering why you should apply your non-cannabis venture to the cannabis business, the answer is simple. While still in it’s adolescence, Cannabis and industry are a bastion for creativity and as Roldan put it: “It includes the ability to support environmental concerns and to give employees benefits and whatever it is; the creativity in this industry is not limited.”