Alea Matilda Vigil aka “Leggy Lea”

Alea Matilda Vigil aka “Leggy Lea”

by Daniel Enyart

Alea Matilda Vigil, also known as “Leggy Lea” is a cannabis industry model who hails from Denver, Colorado. At 34 years old, this mother of three is on her way to the top of the modeling sector in the cannabis industry.

As a medical cannabis patient, she decided approximately three years ago to start modeling in the cannabis industry. Her journey began with the “420 Nurses.” After some freelance work for them she decided to attend a couple of events as one of their models. “Their thing wasn’t really my thing, so I just started up my own company, the ‘Stoner High Girls,’” she stated in a phone interview.

The “Stoner High Girls” are going into their second year of existence and to date they have over 500 models in all 50 states. “I just wanted to build my self-esteem. Then it turned into I wanted to help other [women] build their self-esteem and it just took off from there,” she told us.

Vigil has appeared in THC magazine and Inspire Model magazine. She also has appeared in videos with platinum recording artists such as Afro Man, Lil’ Flip and DJ Unk. She also told us that she has upcoming video shoots with Lil Wyte and Three 6 Mafia. Her modeling talents have also been on display in various states and cities across the US in places such as Dallas, Milwaukee and Vegas—just to name a few.

During our interview with Vigil she told us that her three boys, ages 10, 13 and 15, are her inspiration for being a model. She also shared with us that she is in an ongoing custody battle for her kids and that medicating with cannabis and being a model in the cannabis industry has made that an uphill battle. “If we have the right to choose our medicine here, I think it should be that way when we are fighting for our children, too,” she said.

To date Vigil says her biggest accomplishment is starting the Stoner High Girls. Some of her goals include expanding her company to a global level, as well as continuing to give other women the opportunities they want and deserve and to continue to build the “sisterhood” she has created. The modeling agency focuses on cannabis-related modeling but does other modeling, as well.

Vigil informed us that the Stoner High Girls have a monthly magazine. The first issue was released on February 7, 2017. The magazine includes photos of the Stoner High Girls models as well as articles regarding events and happenings in the cannabis industry.