CARE Cooperative, Inc.

CARE  Cooperative, Inc.

California’s burgeoning legal cannabis market is increasingly populated by startups focused on cultivation, processing, distribution, and retail sales. Increasing numbers of West Coast companies are employing systems based on closed-loop supercritical CO2 (carbon dioxide) extraction in the production of oil and terpenes for medical and recreational markets.
Brad Gleason, owner of CARE Cooperative, Inc., in Arcata, California, is at the helm of one such company. His startup is focused on manufacturing wholesale cannabis oil in the rapidly emerging market for legal cannabis in Northern California. Gleason has chosen to leverage supercritical CO2 extraction as his production methodology.

Protecting Intellectual Property In the Cannabis Industry

Protecting  Intellectual Property In the Cannabis Industry

In order for the cannabis industry to flourish, the continual development of new technology will be crucial to its success or failure. This could be in the form of new energy-efficient equipment, specialized pest control products or unique of innovative products that will add value to this industry. Let’s dive into the three forms of intellectual property and how they relate to the cannabis industry.  

The Rise Of Celebrity Branding

The Rise Of Celebrity Branding

Celebrity product endorsements are nothing new and can be traced back as far as the mid 1700s, when endorsements from Royals was all it took to get a product to fly off the shelves. Three hundred years later, not many royals are left. In lieu of monarchs, celebrities are the new royalty—handing out endorsements for a variety of products. From burgers and cars to ointments and medications, it is not hard to look at pop culture and the ever-increasing media coverage of celebrities and find them sporting a company’s logo or talking up a product on television.